Sunday’s Sloppiest Seconds

And that’s a wrap! Fun season everyone. Wait, there’s more? Oh, yeah, those really important bowls. You know, the games that couldn’t possibly fall to the wayside. The games full of tradition. The games coaches wait to play before making decisions about their futures. The games that only allow winning teams. Wait, what?

Oh yeah, these bowl games are stupid and meaningless. Coaches change jobs before they even know what bowl they are in. Now 5-7 teams are getting in. How long before everyone gets a participation trophy?

This is ridiculous if you ask me. Here is how you should be eligible for a bowl game:

1. Finish the season ranked by the committee and you get a bowl
2. Win your conference and play in a bowl
3. Play in your conference championship and you get a bowl

That’s it. That would make a total of about 15 bowls this year. That’s plenty.

Anyway, great weekend of games huh? I feel bad for UNC with that phantom offside call. They may have tied things up, but who knows. It was a shame the game had to end that way. Iowa really deserved to win after leading the whole time and it really sucks for them to lose the way they did too. But good for everyone who got where they are.

First off, my Heisman ballot looks like this:

1. Christian McCaffrey
2. Deshaun Watson
3. Derrick Henry

I guarantee you all Heisman ballots will have those three guys in no particular order and we’ll see the closest 3-way race in the history of the award. I think McCaffrey did more with less, so he gets my vote above the other two. But they will be the only ones at the ceremony and one of them is certainly winning it.

I predict Oklahoma beating Alabama for the championship. Call it a hunch. I also think Stanford wins the Rose Bowl over Iowa in what ends up being the most exciting game of the lineup.

I can’t for the life of me understand these final rankings though. Northwestern ends up with 2 losses just like Stanford and doesn’t end up ranked close to them in spite of beating them. Utah beats Oregon AND Michigan and finishes ranked way behind both in spite of identical records. And is there a reason USC or Tennessee is ranked? Or why Florida landed just one spot ahead of LSU, another team with 3 losses who beat the Gators? And you’re going to put Oklahoma State behind a few 3-loss teams but still ahead of 3-loss Baylor who crushed the Cowboys? I mean c’mon, this makes no sense at all. Really stupid.

Here is how the rankings should look:

1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma
4. Michigan State
5. Iowa
6. Stanford
7. Ohio State
8. Northwestern
9. Notre Dame
10. North Carolina
11. Florida State
12. Oklahoma State
13. TCU
14. Houston
15. Utah
16. Michigan
17. Oregon
18. Ole Miss
19. LSU
20. Baylor
21. Florida
22. Wisconsin
23. Navy
24. Temple
25. Memphis

There are a few bowls I think are worth watching and quite intriguing. First is BYU vs Utah. That’s a huge rivalry. I’m glad that matchup worked out. Both teams won 9 games so should be a really good game. Toledo vs Temple is a battle of two small schools who really over achieved this year, so both will feel like they have a lot to play for. Obviously the New Year’s Six games are going to be good, but I’m looking forward most to the Rose Bowl. Notre Dame vs Ohio State should be good as well. And of course the semifinals are must watch.

Have fun during bowl mania!