Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds: ACC still diving, Iowa loses in the opposite of east

What a day for college football. Lots of good matchups this week. If you follow Sloppy’s Surprises you know I was really on to something this week. Florida was close with Tennessee until the 4th quarter. Wisconsin survived by a blocked PAT. Oklahoma had no idea how to stop Air Force from running all over them. Michigan State needed a fake field goal in OT to win. And Cal? Well, they should have listened to me and been better prepared for that game, I saw that upset a mile away. Lots of other interesting things happened as well.

First, play of the day goes to Clemson hands down. Jamie Harper made the most amazing diving grab with 3 defenders around in the end zone and somehow managed to hold on. Amazing play. It’s too bad Clemson couldn’t stay amazing, or the whole ACC for that matter.

Clemson had a big lead over Auburn but couldn’t get the job done. Wake Forest was down right murdered by Stanford. Duke’s loss to Alabama was even worse, although expected. Virginia Tech struggled in the first half with East Carolina. Maryland forgot how to score in the first half, then couldn’t mount the comeback. North Carolina State was their shining beacon. Florida State won, but against a young, inexperienced BYU team, they were at home, and it actually was 13-10 at the half, so they only really played for a half. The Wolfpack are now the only remaining undefeated ACC team. That’s just said after week 3.

I think everyone had Iowa on upset alert for their game in Arizona. Playing in 102 degree weather is a little different than they are accustomed to. However, they were even more ill prepared for it than I thought. When asked about his concerns traveling West, an Iowa player, Tyler Sash, responded: “I don’t think it’s a very big deal. I just think of it as the opposite of traveling east.” Brilliant. Did your coaches tell you about the time change? Did you look into that big weather change at all? Did you happen to know that teams out west play a different style football than those back east? Clearly the Iowa coaches didn’t make this a big deal if they allow their players to say such stupid things. Good riddance I say. Get those worthless Big Ten teams out of the championship discussion early.

What else was intriguing… how about UCLA? Where did that team come from? They were the definition of ineptitude last week, then come out and smoke Houston. I guess they reserved two weeks worth of offense for that game.

Arkansas sure looked sharp against Georgia, I would hate to be Alabama right now. They have all the expectations in the world, but their next game is on the road at Arkansas, followed by a home game against Florida and then back on the road for South Carolina. Yikes. Arkansas is the team there who has looked best so far, so we’ll see how that one goes before getting too far ahead of ourselves.

Ohio State is rolling through their 8 home games, crushing Ohio. Can’t wait until they finally get on the road. That’s when they always lose easy games, like Illinois or Purdue. These guys need to lose so that only Boise State and TCU are undefeated at the end of the year. That would send the BCS into chaos.

So after watching 3 weeks now, here’s my top 25:

1. Alabama
2. TCU
3. Ohio State
4. Boise State
5. Oregon
6. Arkansas
7. Texas
8. Nebraska
9. Oklahoma
10. Utah
11. Arizona
12. Stanford
13. Wisconsin
14. South Carolina
15. Auburn
16. Florida
17. LSU
18. West Virginia
19. Michigan
20. Michigan State
21. Temple
22. Nevada
23. USC
24. Oklahoma State
25. Iowa

What did you think of this week?