Sundays Sloppy Seconds: ACC Stumbles

Wow, did the SEC just open a can of whoop ACC. Clemson fell to South Carolina, Florida State got murdered by Florida, and Georgia Tech got beat by Georgia. The best team in the ACC losing to the middle of the pack in the SEC? Granted, it was a rivalry game, and anything can happen in a rivalry game, but still, the ACC just took a HUGE blow in conference standings. Now the SEC has to be the clear number two conference in the land. The rankings are starting to look a lot better as well. Let’s review.

The era of the one loss team is now over. Of course, between Florida and Alabama someone will lose, and Cincy’s game with Pitt will be no walk in the park. Throw Texas in the mix of teams in danger of picking up a loss as well. In a perfect world, Florida blows out Alabama, Nebraska beats up on Texas, Pitt hammers Cincy, and TCU plays Florida for the championship…where of course TCU destroys Florida and makes Tim Tebow cry.

But the world is not perfect, and I’m quite confident we are headed for the following matchups:

Championship: Texas vs Florida
Rose Bowl: Oregon vs Ohio State
Fiesta Bowl: Iowa vs Boise State
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs TCU
Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs Cincinnati

It would be satisfying to see Cincy lose and TCU and Boise State win just to see how the rankings turn out. How sweet would it be to have No. 1 Texas, No. 2 TCU and No. 3 Boise State? The call for a playoff would be even louder. I’m sure a lot of teams are wishing for a playoff right about now, TCU and Boise State included.

The rankings this week are pretty decent. My only complaint would be the unjust treatment of USC. They rocked Cal and beat Oregon State, yet both those teams are ranked higher and with the same records. No one understands why LSU is ranked so highly. Definitely the most overrated team in college football right now. Penn State is still ahead of Iowa in the coaches poll, but at least the AP got it right, not that it is the human poll that matters though.

Here is how I would do the rankings if I were a voter:

1. Texas- Colt McCoy looks solid for the Heisman
2. TCU- more quality wins than Florida
3. Florida- a bunch of decent wins, but no big wins
4. Cincinnati- biggest test of the year will be Pitt
5. Alabama- struggled but prevailed against their rival
6. Boise State- held down the explosive Nevada offense
7. Oregon- biggest Civil War in history coming up
8. Georgia Tech- erase the first quarter and they would have clobbered Georgia
9. Pitt- lost a close one to a tough rival
10. Ohio State- will get smashed in the Rose Bowl no matter who they play
11. Iowa- will get smashed by Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl
12. BYU- won the Holy War in OT
13. Penn State- no big wins this year
14. Houston- 50 points at half time against a rival
15. Central Michigan- headed to the MAC championship
16. Virginia Tech- best three loss team
17. Miami (FL)- only bright spot for ACC this weekend
18. Nebraska- would love to spoil an undefeated season for Texas, but shouldn’t for the conference’s sake
19. USC- beat up on UCLA
20. Oregon State- in a great position to win the Pac-10
21. Cal- hoping Jahvid Best can play in their likely bowl against BYU in Las Vegas
22. LSU- even at 22 I feel is overrated
23. Oklahoma State- one word: exposed
24. West Virginia- their turn to play upset to their rival
25. Stanford- the best four loss team out there

This can and will all change after this weekend when we see some conference championship games. Coming up on the final picks of the season as well, let’s hope I can beat the computer this year.