Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds: An epic weekend

Right when I start saying the season is getting boring we get an epic weekend like this. Too bad I’ve been out of town all week and only got to watch one game. I picked a good one though, Alabama vs. Auburn. And believe me, I have a few things to say about that and a lot of other games as well.

Ok, I’m going to tackle what’s on my mind after this weekend in the order of importance:

First off, congratulations to the Sun Belt Conference for at least getting two bowl eligible teams. Speaking of bowls though, we have a real problem. With the proliferation of so many trivial and meaningless bowl games, we probably won’t have enough bowl eligible teams this year to fill them all. The Pac-10 may only send 3 teams to bowls. This is a very serious issue as now 5-7 teams with losing records will have to fill some spots. What the heck is the point of these stupid bowls now? We’re rewarding teams for a losing season with the fun and frivolity of a bowl game? This is just ridiculous. These bowl games and the entire post season is an utter embarrassment to the sport. Just more reason we need a real playoff and not this crap we get every year.

On to what to Iron Bowl. Something very, very, very important must be said right here right now: STOP WITH THE WAR EAGLE CRAP AND STOP NOW! If I have to go to another forum and see that I’m literally going to punch you through your computer screen. It’s not cool. It’s not funny. It’s not anything but insanely stupid and it needs to stop.

Now, anyone with a brain in their head knows exactly what happened in the Iron Bowl this year. Mike Slive called up Nick Saban and the conversation went something like this:

“Hey Nick, need to talk to you about the big game.”
“Sure Mike, what can I do for you?”
“Yes, lose. Auburn is our last chance to get to the National Championship game and keep our reputation and pay checks in tact. I’ve already got Steve on board, the Conference Championship game is in the bag.”
“But Auburn is our rival! That and they are terrible! They should have lost 4 games by now. They just get lucky and since I’m a genius I have a game plan to stop them from even getting a yard, let alone a first down. We need this win for my program.”
“Sorry Nick but this is the SEC. Everything we do in this conference is shady and breaks the rules. We have to throw this game to keep our reputation alive. What happens if an SEC team doesn’t win the championship? Do you want that to happen?”
“No Mike, you’re right. I tell you what. At least let me run my game plan for the first half. I’ll try and make it look like a game while asserting my complete dominance just to prove we really could have murdered these guys. Then in the second half I will make sure nothing gets in Auburn’s way from making us look bad. That should give them some good style points with the voters do, don’t you think?”
“Brilliant Nick! I love the way you think! Yeah, tell some of your stars to go down with some fake injuries too. That will help fuel some debate about the game and everything, keeps people talking. I’ve already given the refs an early Christmas bonus so don’t worry about the calls in the second half either. This will be great.”
“All right Mike, I wish it didn’t have to be this way but I see this must be. Don’t forget you’ve got those NCAA investigators coming into town tonight, keep some extra bribe money for them too, we don’t want our star player on the start team to have any problems.”
“Thanks Nick, good call. War Eagle.”

And there you have it. No sane person can honestly believe this game wasn’t thrown. The stats are too dang obvious. Alabama did whatever they wanted to Auburn in the first half, just to prove a point. They knew they had to lose, but they had to make Auburn look good doing it, and what looks better than a 24 point comeback against the awesome Alabama Crimson Tide? For shame. No matter, Cam Newton is a cheater and will be declared ineligible in a few years and all of this will turn into an embarrassment for the conference. Innocent until proven guilty you say? Now, it’s called guilty until you coem out and at least say you’re innocent. No comment also means no denial. If you won’t come out and deny the accusations, that means they are true and you’re doing damage control. Sorry.

On to other things. Boise State….my oh my. They had that game and blew it. That kicker better drop out of school because he will not be welcomed back with open arms. I imagine Nevada will crack the top 10 and Boise will be right behind them. Good win for now soon to be coach of the year Chris Ault. Too bad too, I thought Boise had looked like the best team in the country.

The way things are going now, Oregon and Auburn will play for the BCS championship. TCU will play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Someone from the Big 12 will play…aheam, UCONN! Yeah, that’s right, Uconn is ahead in the Big East now, pretty crazy. One win away from BCS glory. Interesting side note. Uconn has only played FBS football 10 years or so. For all you Boise haters out there saying they can’t be that good because they haven’t played big time football long enough, well, here’s your proof. South Florida has a great team. Uconn has a great team. Turns out you don’t have to have won any championships in the 1920’s to be considered good today. Weird. Anyway, congrats to Stanford who should crack the top 4 and earn a BCS bid to the Sugar Bowl or Orange Bowl. Who would you rather play, Virginia Tech or Arkansas? Ohio State gets the other spot.

What else happened this weekend…crazy rivalry in Utah. BYU had the game locked up and blew it in the 4th quarter. A lucky bounce here and blown call there kept Utah in that game. Good rivalry lately though, those two always play it close.

USC lost to Notre Dame. Enough said.

Randy Shannon is no longer coaching the Hurricanes. Too bad, they looked like they were turning things around too. Florida State seems to be the big team in the state now. Good for them, they can get roasted by Virginia Tech in the ACC championship. Speaking of, do you think Boise State falls behind Virginia Tech in the rankings? I do, because it’s just one of those years where nothing makes any sense.

So looking back it turns out the Big Ten was pretty terrible all along. Three top teams and then a bunch of suck. Iowa really proved that one didn’t they? I mean, a loss to Minnesota is pretty embarrassing. Just goes to show they are a bad conference and continue to be and probably won’t be much better with Nebraska.

Speaking of Nebraska, who do they play in the Big 12 Championship? I’m thinking Oklahoma since they will end up ranked higher in the BCS. I guess that means Oklahoma will probably play Uconn in the Fiesta Bowl. Yawn.

Texas is the only team not playing in a bowl game in the Big 12 South. Yep, you heard right. And where were they ranked in the preseason rankings? Why do we have those again?

In not very big news, my predictions this year have been terrible. Every time I pick an upset I pick the wrong one. I mean, my team sure gives a fight, but I always picked three upsets and they were always wrong. I can’t catch a break. Hopefully the bowl season line up predictions will be my return to greatness.

For your enjoyment I’ve decided to put together a mock playoff that would likely take place if we actually had one. Your participants would be:

Northern Illinois
Virginia Tech
Florida International
Ohio State
Michigan State
Boise State

Who wouldn’t want to see the winner of that group? In the first round we would lose UCF, Florida International, Uconn, Northern Illinois, Nevada, Michigan State and Arkansas. Second round you have Oregon edging Boise State, Auburn beating Virginia Tech, Ohio State falling to Oklahoma, TCU beating Stanford. Semi finals has Oregon beating Oklahoma and TCU shocking Auburn. Oregon and TCU in the finale and TCU wins. Why? Because offense can get you to championships, but defense wins them. How fun would that be to watch though? Way better than the BCS and bowl game garbage we will get this season. Oh well, at least it’s been a fun ride this year.