Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds: Coaches poll exposed & more

They say if something happens once it is a fluke. If it happens twice it is a theory. If it happens more it is a pattern. Hence, the USA Today coaches poll is utterly and absolutely proven to be absurdly, blatant rubbish. Fact 1: The role of a college football coach is to lead their team to victory over the up coming opponent for that week. This includes watching hours and hours of tape on the opponent for that week. Fact 2: Coaches spend the better part of 6-7 hours in a day involved with the game and pre-game + post-game events. Fact 3: the coaches poll is released at noon the day after all the games are played. So think in this: when do the coaches watch the games?

In spite of the fact that they never even see more than 2-3 top 25 opponents in a given season on average, how do coaches watch the other top 25 exactly? How many ranked teams do you think Todd Dodge out at North Texas gets to see? Or how about Robb Akey at Idaho? Do these guys see more than one team collectively each year in the top 25? What exactly qualifies them to rank any team? Or how about Chris Peterson? This guy clearly has no bias as to who ends up at #1, does he? Oh no, the Boise State coach is very likely to be completely objective in his rankings, isn’t he?

Why bring it up? Here’s why. Arizona beats Iowa soundly. Both have identical records, yet Iowa is ranked higher. South Carolina beats Alabama handily. Yet the coaches put South Carolina 4 spots behind Alabama the next day. Yesterday Wisconsin owned Ohio State. So what did the coaches do? Put them one spot right behind Ohio State. Could anything else be more senseless and mindless? What further proof do we need that the coaches have absolutely no idea whatsoever what they are talking about? And yet their opinions make up ONE FULL THIRD of these BCS rankings. I’m sorry but…what?????

Oddly, the computer rankings are even worse, because the final BCS poll has Ohio State 4 spots ahead of Wisconsin. And for what? What has Ohio State done that is so impressive? Barley beat a decent Miami team that had how many turnovers? And at home? I mean c’mon, the BCS is such a sham. A complete and utter sham. These rankings are totally absurd.

But it doesn’t stop there. More absurdity was exposed this weekend. For example, the low scores in the SEC are a results of incredible defenses, not terrible offenses. Really? That’s why Auburn and Arkansas combined for over 100 points, with a backup QB for the Razorbacks most of the game? That’s why Florida and LSU played to more than 50 points last week? That’s why South Carolina put up 35 points on the supposedly awesome Alabama defense? Mississippi State just beat Florida 10-7. Florida scored 6 against Alabama. Can we just say the SEC has some pretty inconsistent play on both sides of the ball and that Florida simply has no offense to speak of?

I’m so sick of hearing about the SEC. My gosh, can it already. They aren’t that good. The Big Ten is looking like the best conference in football this year, followed by the Pac-10. The SEC is looking like Auburn- incredibly inconsistent but finding ways to get it done. When a team like Auburn is the pride of the conference, you have a conference looking for an identity. The SEC is the third best conference in the land. There, I said it. The Big Ten is the best with Wisconsin, Michigan State, Ohio State, Iowa, Northwestern, Michigan and Purdue all holding their own pretty well. The worst of the conference still isn’t terrible. Penn State, Minnesota and Indiana can certainly be better, but Minnesota gave USC a game.

The Pac-10 is tough to figure out too, but looks to be very strong. Wisconsin barely survived Arizona State. Arizona beat Iowa. There’s still Oregon and Stanford as powerhouses with USC, Washington and Oregon State as big wildcards. Only Washington State is truly awful. The SEC is just all over the place. Georgia, Tennessee and Florida are jokes this year. South Carolina hasn’t changed. Alabama, Auburn and LSU are still holding the conference up. Arkansas is still unable to play defense apparently. The Mississippi schools are still big question marks too. And Vandy will always suck. I mean, what reason do we have to think that the SEC is still the best conference in football? Because some coaches who don’t watch games rank more of their teams in the top 25?

Let’s see…who else was exposed. How about Nebraska’s big let down? If their QB had any Heisman hopes they are long gone. So here is a conundrum. UCLA loses to K-State. UCLA crushes Texas. Nebraska crushes K-State. So logic says Nebraska should absolutely murder Texas. But not so fast. Not only did they blow it, Bo Pelini pulled the idiot move of the year by trying an onside kick with 3 minutes and 2 timeouts left! What the heck was he thinking? Terrible move and cost them a chance to win. Looks like the Cornhuskers still aren’t ready for the big time.

What I did see is a pretty clear top 10 emerging:

1. Boise State
2. Oregon
3. TCU
4. Oklahoma
5. Michigan State
6. Auburn
7. Utah
8. Oklahoma State
9. Missouri
10. LSU

Those are your last 10 undefeateds, no? So let’s look at them closely. First, Boise State, who really has no one left to play except Nevada. Oregon still has tough tests in USC and Oregon State. TCU has Utah. Oklahoma has Oklahoma State. Michigan State has Iowa. Auburn has LSU and Alabama. Looking at this, we can only have 5 undefeateds at the end of the year, right? So how will we look when all is said and done?

1. Boise State- undefeated
2. Michigan State- undefeated
3. TCU- undefeated

And that’s all. I’m calling three undefeateds and those are them. I don’t see any undefeateds coming out of the Big 12 or SEC. Boise State and Michigan State play for the title and the Broncos absolutely humiliate the Spartans. Then again, look at my record on picks and you might not want to take that to the bank. We’ll see. Either way, another good week of football, here’s to more to come.