Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds: Ole Miss tanks, LSU sucks and more

So the first weekend of college football finally arrived, and it did not disappoint. I’ll just cover some highlights and offer up some opinions on what we’ve seen and learned so far. The best part is the weekend isn’t over- more games today and tomorrow still to come, including Boise State vs. Virginia Tech. But on to what has already happened.

First off, Ole Miss lost to Jacksonville State, an FCS cupcake that should have been an easy win. This is great news. I hate everyone who says the SEC is invincible. We now know at least one team sure isn’t. The sad part is they were up by 21 or something in the 4th quarter and totally blew it. Granted, there was one questionable call about an ineligible receiver that the refs missed, so there is some controversy here. But either way, always great to see these upsets, they never get old. And it shows that crime does not pay. Take that Jeremiah Masoli.

I was most looking forward to the LSU-UNC game, but after the suspensions it didn’t look that good anymore. At half time I was convinced LSU would runaway with this thing. Little did I know that even the second string defense of the Tarheels could shutout the LSU offense for an entire half. That late comeback was incredible. UNC really should have won that game in the end, but that tight end blew it, twice. Two shots at the ends zone from 5 yards out and couldn’t put it away. Sad really. If it shows us anything, its that UNC, in spite of missing their starting offense and ending up using their 4th string running back after injuries, is still on par with LSU. Les Miles’ hot seat just got hotter if you ask me.

The TCU-Oregon State game was a lot of fun to watch. It was close most of the time and the two teams both looked really good, unlike other boring games (see Kansas State-UCLA). I was happy to see TCU pull it out, as I want them and Boise State to end the season as the only undefeateds, just to see what the BCS does about it. That would be interesting. Its too bad it came down to one big mistake by the Beavers in the end of the game that cost them. Looks like Oregon State could make a good Rose Bowl run this year.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first quarter of Florida-Miami (OH). Florida was down 3-0 and had -16 yards of total offense in the first quarter. So much for Brantley dark-horse-Heisman talk. You really can’t pay attention to any preseason hype or polls though. I mean, c’mon, what do we really know before anyone has really played? Certainly didn’t know Florida would suck that bad and only win by 24 at home to a team that won 1 game last year.

So here’s the run down. Preseason hype got blown up for some. Uconn, sorry, I’m regretting drafting you in fantasy football now. Some sleeper you turned out to be. More like asleep on the field. Texas and Florida, you are both obviously ranked way to high. Florida shouldn’t even be in the top 25 after that performance. Neither should LSU, who proved they have now reached the pinnacle of mediocrity under Les Miles and Gary “The Cursed” Crowton. We learned that Oregon can really put up points against teams who haven’t won in two years. We learned that Brian Kelly really was the only good thing at Cincinnati and that Notre Dame may be decent this year. We learned that Michigan football thinks its back (lets see Notre Dame first). We learned that the BYU two QB system was apparently able to do more than Jake Locker (goodbye Heisman). We learned that in the preseason there is no front runner for the Heisman nor should there be, and after game 1 there still isn’t nor should be. We learned that Miami (FL) and Ohio State next week could be one of the best games all season. And last but not least, we learned that we really don’t know much since its only the first week of the season.

What did you learn?