Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds…On Monday

Ok, ok, I’m late, so sue me. This was a weird weekend, what with Sunday and Monday games. But I’m getting to my sloppy seconds now, so fear not.

We sure did learn a lot in the first weekend of college football. Syracuse, Georgia Tech and North Carolina all got scares from FCS teams while Wake Forest lost to one. Bad week for the ACC.

The Big Ten could have made a big statement but failed thanks to Wisconsin dropping to LSU. At least Penn State pulled out what will look like a much better win at the end of the year. Ohio State is also clearly a 3 loss team.

South Carolina (as yours truly predicted) was nothing but a pretender. How they were ranked was beyond me. Now everyone else knows what I already did. The Gamecocks ALWAYS suck. The rest of the SEC looked solid, but Alabama easily could have lost to West Virginia if the Mountaineers don’t drop 10,000 passes. SEC may not be invincible after all.

The Pac-12 looked pretty strong. Washington should have been better and Washington State should have won against Rutgers. But other than that, Cal picked up a great win on the road at Northwestern. And convincing no less.

The Big 12 should be happy with how Oklahoma State and West Virginia performed on the big stage. Neither team was or will be ranked, but they played 1 and 2, a tough task. Both were in positions to win their games which is really saying something. After seeing Oklahoma and Baylor this should be a really competitive conference. That’s unfortunate because their champion will more than likely have at least one loss, probably two, which could keep them out of the playoff.

It is possible we could see an independent in the playoff party. Notre Dame and BYU both looked good in their openers. And of the non-power 5 conferences, Boise State may be the champion to hit a New Year’s bowl. Utah State didn’t look like it, that’s for sure.

I’m not going to predict the new top 25 tomorrow, but I’ll tell you how I would fill out a ballot if I was an AP Poll voter:

1. Oklahoma
2. Oregon
3. Florida State
4. Georgia
5. Stanford
6. Alabama
7. Michigan State
8. Baylor
9. USC
10. LSU
11. Texas A&M
12. Notre Dame
13. Auburn
14. Arizona State
15. UCLA
16. Ole Miss
17. Kansas State
18. Nebraska
19. Arizona
20. Ohio State
21. Virginia Tech
22. Michigan
23. Texas
24. Duke
25. BYU

We still don’t have much to go on, but that’s it for now. This week should clear some things up for us. Oregon gets Michigan State. Ohio State gets Virginia Tech. USC gets Stanford. Michigan gets Notre Dame. Texas gets BYU. Then of course there are about a dozen top 25 teams playing patsies. But it’s still early and that is to be expected. I’m just glad college football is back.

If I were to try and predict the season after watching week 1, my guess is that the playoff would consist of Oregon, Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida State. But there is still plenty of time to prove that one wrong.