Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds: Oregon comeback & overrated teams exposed

Turned out to be a better weekend than I thought. My predictions were mostly on the money. Alabama rolled handily, Utah State took BYU down for the first time in nearly two decades and Notre Dame took it to Boston College. I missed it on Oregon but should have had it. How can you be up 21-3 and blow it so badly? Shame on Stanford, they had their chance for Rose Bowl glory. My favorite part was seeing the overrated teams get exposed.

Texas, Penn State, Wisconsin, LSU- I’m looking in your direction. I can’t wait for LSU to get destroyed by a decent team. Problem is there are so few on their schedule. Alabama will beat them down pretty bad, they won’t escape from that one. Texas still has to drop 2-3 more games this year, so those will be coming. Penn State I’ve said from day one sucks, and they proved it yet again. Wisconsin is never as good as everyone thinks they are, and they proved that loud and clear.

But there’s something that I haven’t heard anyone talk about that needs to be addressed. Did anyone see Texas A&M on Thursday night? Jerrod Johnson has go to be the single WORST passer I have ever seen play at the college level. Did you see his throwing motion? What the heck is that? Is he trying to swat at a fly and throw at the same time? 8 interceptions in the last two games? What the heck are the Aggies thinking?

It’s time to call up Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech and ask him how to run an offense with a QB that has no ability to pass at all. What ugly form…seriously, A&M better figure out a better running option game with Johnson, because as a pocket passer he does not look at all promising.

I’m liking the rankings this week. Pretty fair to be honest. I’m not sure who the stubborn coach is that always puts Ohio State at #1, but that’s ok, coaches don’t watch the games, so they can do stupid things like that. Clearly he didn’t see Alabama murder the supposedly 7th best team in the country and Ohio State barely survive their first road game. At least they don’t have to get used to it- only 3 road games left for the year.

Oregon surprised me. Not by going down 21-3, but by finding a way to win so big in the end. Down 13-0 at Tennessee and did the same thing. I’m not sure if that is a sign of a good or lucky team though. If you have to come back from big deficits over and over again, I’m not thinking that is a good sign.

What is up with LSU? Why can’t someone just come in there and beat them already? They have gotten lucky every single game so far. And with overrated Florida coming up, I wonder which terrible offense will score fewer points. The SEC is Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn and everyone else. Seriously. Pretty sorry conference this year. Normally strong top to bottom.

Of course they are no ACC, who now has no championship contenders left in the mix. Looks like Virginia Tech will probably be a 3-4 loss conference champion yet again and play in an Orange Bowl that no one will watch yet again.

Great weekend, I’m hoping some more of these big matchups coming up will prove to be just as entertaining.