Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds: V-Tech and ACC demonstrate football fail

Wow, wow and wow again. What a great Saturday for football. Every ranked team I thought would get surprised instead surprised me. Florida still won with their defense. Pretty horrible when your offense and defense are in a competition for who can score more points in a game. Oklahoma must have had the best 6 days of practice in the history of sports or Florida State is much worse than advertised or Utah State is much better than advertised. I said Miami (FL) would win if Jacory Harris just didn’t lose the game, which he did….4 picks? C’mon, no way you go to Columbus and win like that. Virginia almost pulled it off and South Carolina finally stepped up to beat a ranked team. Of course I was dead on with Notre Dame and BYU…if only they had heeded the sloppy warning!

On to what was probably the most telling weekend of college football we have seen in a long time. Boston College gets in a tight race with Kent State. Virginia Tech loses at home to James Madison (FCS). Miami (FL) falls to Ohio State. Florida State gets embarrassed by Oklahoma. Virginia can’t seal the deal against USC. Georgia Tech blows it against Kansas. Wake Forest gets in a shoot out against Duke. North Carolina State barely held of UCF. And Maryland and Clemson pounded their FCS opponents.

Looks like not a lot more could have gone wrong for the ACC this week. Oddly, after only two weeks not a single team in the Coastal division is undefeated. In fact, I would argue none of the ACC should even be ranked. Maybe Miami…they did pretty well considering 4 interceptions. Other than that we just saw a completely disgusting display of football ineptitude on the part of the ACC this week…and most especially by Virginia Tech, the team touted to win the conference (Sorry Bones.)

I am going to make one thing clear right now: If Virginia Tech gets ANY votes at all, and I mean even 1 vote, I will find the coach or sportswriter who has their head up their butt and publish it for all to see here. There’s no possible way an 0-2 team can be ranked…especially when one loss comes AT HOME to a lowly FCS team. There’s now way. They shouldn’t get one vote, not one. I’m sick of teams being ranked by their name. Virginia Tech cannot logically be ranked ahead of any 2-0 team. In fact, if I’m making rankings right now, here’s my top 25:

1. Alabama
2. TCU
3. Ohio State
4. Oregon
5. Boise State
6. Iowa
7. Oklahoma
8. Iowa
9. Texas
10. Nebraska
11. Wisconsin
12. Arkansas
13. Utah
14. Arizona
15. Air Force
16. South Carolina
17. Stanford
18. Cal
19. Texas A&M
20. Auburn
21. Houston
22. Maryland (ye-uh!)
23. Baylor
24. West Virginia
25. Michigan

The ACC needs a little love, so I’m giving it to Maryland, the team playing the best in the conference right now (ha). You may notice USC not on my list…shootout win against Hawaii and squeaker at home against Virginia disqualify you for ranking in my book. You may wonder about Air Force so high up. Did you watch that game? They embarrassed BYU. They have a legit quarterback for the first time since…well, ever. And unlike Georgia Tech they seem to know how to run a triple option offense.

One point I should make right about the Heisman race. I think it is still wide open, but if Denard Robinson isn’t tops on everyone’s list then I don’t know who is. He’s changed the Michigan Wolverines into the Michigan Denard Robinson. There really aren’t any other players on the field. Shoot, they should double him up as a cornerback or safety too, I bet he could run the team on both sides of the football. As far as the Heisman race goes, its Denard Robinson and then everyone else as far as I’m concerned. If I’m Jim Tressel I probably soil myself every time I think about playing Michigan this year.

BYU has shown us the 2 QB system needs to be scrapped and NOW. Rotating every other possession got 0 points the whole second half. It’s time for Bronco to man up and give Riley Nelson the reins. Let Jake Heaps come in once a comfortable 3 score lead is in place. They better change course or this is going to be a looooong season.

So how do conferences stack up so far this early in the season? I would say the Big XII has looked best so far. Only three losses in the whole conference and wins against top 25 teams. The Pac-10 is looking wide open at this point, with the Stanford-Oregon showdown looking like it could determine the Rose Bowl. The SEC has definitely not shown itself to be the best conference in college football thus far. Alabama looks like the best team in the nation. Arkansas and South Carolina have played like solid teams. Florida can’t seem to figure out how to play a first quarter. LSU can’t seem to figure out this whole offense thing. Everyone else has already lost.

Of course it is still early in the season and it will be exciting to see how wrong I can still be moving forward. At least I made up some ground in fantasy college football. Let’s hope next week is just as exciting as yesterday!