Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 10

Not much to report this week. Some big matchups had big outcomes, but, then again, they were big matchups, so you kind of expect that.

Ole Miss was the biggest loser of the weekend. They lost the home game and their best player. Ouch. Alabama took a slight hit as their only big win, West Virginia, lost to TCU. Georgia was exposed, which really just exposes the whole SEC East. Read: not very good. The SEC has three good teams really. Their champion is still getting a spot in the playoff, plain and simple. I’m guessing that will be Mississippi State, Auburn or Alabama. But we’ll see.

The Big 12 picture didn’t get too much clearer. West Virginia is pretty much out at this point. But TCU, Baylor and Kansas State are all tied at the top. Fortunately Kansas State still plays both, so that will clear up too. If one of them gets through the season with just one loss they are in the playoff I think.

Florida State survived yet again when yet another opponent forgot how to play football in the second half. I swear, how lucky can they get? Not impressive. Not at all. Florida might still give them trouble, but I wouldn’t overlook Virginia or Boston College either. Someone will expose them, even if it’s in the playoff semi-final.

The Big Ten has a big week coming up. The winner of the Michigan State and Ohio State game will be the conference’s only chance to make the playoff. Spartans have a clearer path as their loss isn’t nearly as bad as Ohio State’s. Nebraska and Wisconsin look good, but not playoff good. Still, one of them will challenge one of the others in the championship game for the Big Ten. Not sure they put a team in the playoff though.

The Pac-12 got a good shakeup. Oregon has pretty much wrapped up the north division. The south division finally got a front-runner in Arizona State. But that is going to be short lived because there’s just too much parity. Plus they have Notre Dame coming to town, so finishing with one loss seems unlikely. At this point only Oregon and Arizona State have a shot at representing the Pac-12 in the playoff.

At this point I would have to say the teams I see in the playoff are Mississippi State, Florida State, Oregon and TCU. I would see Oregon and TCU in the Rose Bowl and Mississippi State and Florida State in the Sugar Bowl. Should be a good couple of games.

If I were voting in the Heisman right now, I would write down one name: Marcus Mariota. Easy schedule here on out, should shore it up. Prescott just doesn’t have it. Gordon hasn’t played strong enough competition to warrant it. Mariota will win the Heisman and be the number one pick in the draft.

If I were an AP voter, this would be my ballot this week:

1. Mississippi State
2. Florida State
3. Auburn
4. Oregon
5. Alabama
6. Notre Dame
7. Baylor
8. TCU
9. Kansas State
10. Michigan State
11. Arizona State
12. Ohio State
13. LSU
14. Ole Miss
15. Nebraska
16. Georgia
17. Clemson
18. UCLA
19. Marshall
20. Utah
21. Duke
22. Oklahoma
23. Arizona
24. Wisconsin
25. Colorado State