Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 12

I know, it’s not Sunday. But Monday’s Sloppy Seconds doesn’t have the same ring to it and I was just too busy yesterday. So even though most everything has been said by now, doesn’t mean you should stop reading.

So the mighty SEC west isn’t what we once though, huh? Auburn went down bad to Georgia. Texas A&M lost at home to Missouri, even though we already knew they sucked, it was just a matter of them convincing the committee of that. LSU got shut out by Arkansas. Wow. Oh and don’t forget, Ole Miss lost to both Auburn and LSU. Looks like only Alabama and Mississippi State are great teams out of the west. Few good ones, but only two great ones. Nothing special though.

The theme this season has been the lack of a dominant team. Alabama has looked shaky against West Virginia, Arkansas and LSU. They lost to Ole Miss. Florida State should have lost four games already but people in the ACC apparently don’t go to coaching school to learn how to close out games (ie: try running an offense, not just running clock). Oregon is impressive when healthy but still tends to give up lots of points. TCU needed all four quarters to put Kansas away. Baylor and Ohio State haven’t really played more than two good teams. Marshall hasn’t played anyone at all.

Still several games to go, but right now it is looking like the committee is going to have a mess on their hands and lots of grumbling from either the Big 12 or Big Ten. I don’t envy them. But can we at least all put the two SEC playoff teams idea to rest? Mississippi State had no non-conference schedule. All of their “big” wins now look…less big (Auburn, LSU, Texas A&M). Plus if TCU and Baylor win out as co-champions of the Big 12, or if Ohio State wins out as champion of the Big Ten, there’s no way a non-divisional champ gets in over them. No. Way.

The Pac-12 had their playoff chances take a small hit. Arizona State went down to Oregon State. This means their only chance is Oregon, and no way we can tell who they will play in the Pac-12 championship. UCLA, Arizona, USC, Arizona State…one of them. Their strength of schedule got a bump though since they will still have to play Oregon State.

The Big 12 is going to be wishing they had a championship game. My hunch is Wisconsin wins out and Ohio State beats them in the B1G championship and gets in the playoff over TCU or Baylor. Just a hunch.

That could all change if Florida State loses though. They lose, they’re out. Period. They haven’t played anyone currently ranked. It’s a bad schedule. Not Marshall bad, but bad. They may drop to #4 this week even.

Right now if I had to make a pick, I would say the playoff will be #1 Alabama vs #4 Ohio State at the Sugar Bowl and #2 Oregon vs #3 Florida State in the Rose Bowl, with Oregon and Alabama meeting for the championship.

If I were a Heisman voter, I would pick Marcus Mariota. Only Melvin Gordon deserves to share a seat with him in New York. Prescott eliminated himself from contention Saturday. No other two players are close to those guys.

If I were an AP voter, this would be my ballot this week:

1. Oregon
2. Alabama
3. Florida State
4. Baylor
5. TCU
6. Ohio State
7. Mississippi State
8. Ohio State
9. Ole Miss
10. Kansas State
11. Michigan State
12. Georgia
13. UCLA
14. Arizona State
15. Wisconsin
16. Arizona
17. Georgia Tech
18. Marshall
19. Auburn
20. Colorado State
21. Utah
22. USC
23. Missouri
24. Duke
25. Nebraska