Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 2

Wow, where to begin. Crazy weekend for week 2 which is normally a punch of creampuff matchups. But some teams and conferences opened up our eyes big time this weekend.

Let’s start with the obvious. The Big Ten is bad. Really bad. Nebraska almost lost to McNeese State. Iowa almost lost to Ball State. Northwestern and Purdue lost to nobodies. Michigan was shutout by Notre Dame. Michigan State didn’t show up for the second half against Oregon. And Ohio State got plastered by Virginia Tech at home. Yikes.

At least Maryland and Penn State won. Not saying much if those two are your flag bearers though. Big Ten all but kissed their playoff chances goodbye. If Michigan State runs the table the rest of the year and all other conference champions have losses, then maybe we will see a Big Ten team in the playoff. But my guess is we won’t.

I guess Texas is going to have a long rebuilding road ahead of them. They got downright embarrassed…again. Last year it was at BYU. This year it was at home. The Big 12 is still a tough conference top to bottom. But Texas is closer to the bottom than the top.

The ACC showed they aren’t a real conference with North Carolina needing all 60 minutes to win again against an inferior team. Only Florida State, Virginia Tech and Clemson can play. Louisville might end up in the mix there, but doubtful. Everyone else is pretty sorry.

The Pac-12 looks very good this year. Arizona had a scare on the road but survived. Everyone else you would expect to play well is doing fairly well, except maybe Washington who had a shootout with an FCS team. Stanford is better than they showed Saturday as they had opportunities to score about 31 points, not 10. But UCLA struggled with Memphis, and for a team billed as elite, they haven’t showed it yet. Looks like it’s Oregon and USC on top.

Still early in the season to make predictions or anything telling, but my guess is the four teams that will make the playoff will be Oregon, Florida State, Georgia and Oklahoma.

If I was voting in the AP Poll, this is what my ballot would look like:

1. Oregon
2. Oklahoma
3. Florida State
4. Georgia
5. Alabama
6. USC
7. LSU
8. Notre Dame
9. Texas A&M
10. Auburn
11. Ole Miss
12. Arizona State
13. Baylor
14. UCLA
15. Virginia Tech
16. BYU
17. Stanford
18. Michigan State
19. Kansas State
20. Arizona
21. Duke
22. Louisville
23. Nebraska
24. North Carolina
25. Clemson

Next week is looking pretty darn boring, with ESPN admitting so since Gameday is going to North Dakota. You know it’s a slow week. Only the Georgia/South Carolina game looks interesting.