Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 3

Wow, for a weekend billed as “slow” to the point that Gameday showed up in North Dakota, this weekend sure proved to be interesting. I know every week there are always 3 upsets. If there are less, a following week makes up for it. This one made up for the first two.

First off, USC? C’mon, that was awful. A grandma in a wheelchair could have rushed for a first down against them. Makes you wonder. Stanford outplayed USC. But USC outscored Stanford. Is the better team the one that played better or scored more points? It’s questions like these that will haunt the playoff selection committee. Plenty of teams are trying to make that committee’s job a nightmare and it’s only week 3.

Virginia Tech followed up a stellar road performance by pulling an Ohio State at home. East Carolina’s win there coupled with South Carolina’s win over Georgia made Steve Spurrier’s team look a lot better, and Texas A&M look even better than that, even if Rice outgained them.

The new rankings pretty much have the entire SEC conference in the top 25 it seems. This too will make the selection committee’s job a nightmare. How would the country react if two SEC teams played in the playoff? Not well would be my guess. But when all is said and done, if two rise to the top and finish with just one loss, they might not have a choice.

The ACC and Big Ten had pretty bad weekends. Virginia Tech lost. Louisville lost. At least Boston College won. Maryland lost a shootout. But Virginia Tech losing not only hurt the ACC, it hurt the Big Ten too (see previous week’s game against Ohio State).

With all that said, I’m going to alter my final four predictions. I still think Oregon and Oklahoma are definietly in. I think Florida State is probably in. I am doubtful on Georgia now. I figured the SEC east would produce a team, but Florida seems to still suck and Georgia handed control over to South Carolina. Missouri can still pull a 2013, so we’ll see, but my money is on the SEC west champ winning the conference and going to the playoff. Call me crazy but at this point, I’m going with LSU. What two teams do they get from the SEC east? Florida and Kentucky.

If I were voting in the AP Poll, this would be the ballot I would turn in today:

1. Oregon
2. Oklahoma
3. Florida State
4. LSU
5. Alabama
6. Notre Dame
7. Texas A&M
8. Baylor
9. Auburn
10. Ole Miss
11. Arizona State
12. Michigan State
13. Kansas State
14. UCLA
15. South Carolina
16. BYU
17. Stanford
18. USC
19. Georgia
20. Arizona
21. Duke
22. Washington
23. Nebraska
24. North Carolina
25. Clemson