Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 4

Finally, this season is starting to get real! Still lots of lopsided patsy beatdown fests, but plenty of teams are starting to show up to play the top teams in the nation. And it is sure fun to watch.

How Florida State remains number one is a mystery to me. They haven’t looked impressive in any of their three games. No way these guys end up undefeated. Then again, I don’t think anyone will, so they still probably make the playoff. But c’mon, do voters watch the games?

I had the pleasure of watching Oregon and Marcus Mariota which was a real treat. At least when he wasn’t getting sacked 8 times. If that offensive line were healthy the Ducks would coast through their schedule. But they look vulnerable. Still, when he’s able to play, Mariota is incredible. Too bad those sacks affect his rushing stats.

Oklahoma may be the team people need to pay more attention to. Only Baylor and Kansas State left on the schedule. Probably best shot at running the table right now. But you could say the same for Baylor or Kansas State.

The Big Ten made up some ground against non-conference folks but Michigan got dropped at home by lowly Utah. I don’t care if Wisconsin had a record setting day against a MAC team. That conference is bad. Wisconsin, Ohio State, Nebraska and Michigan State are above average teams. Penn State and Iowa are looking decent. That’s about it.

What happens if Arkansas beats Texas A&M next week? The entire SEC west division will be in the top 25, that’s what. Crazy.

If I were trying to predict the playoff now, I would drop LSU out of the running. My guess now is Oregon, Oklahoma, Alabama and the Florida State/Notre Dame winner.

If I were voting for the Heisman right now my ballot would look like this:

1. Marcus Mariota
2. Todd Gurley
3. Everett Golson

If I were an AP voter this would be the ballot I would turn in this week for my top 25:

1. Oregon
2. Oklahoma
3. Alabama
4. Florida State
5. Auburn
6. Notre Dame
7. Texas A&M
8. Baylor
9. Ole Miss
10. Arizona State
11. Michigan State
12. Mississippi State
13. UCLA
14. South Carolina
15. LSU
16. BYU
17. USC
18. Stanford
19. Georgia
20. Duke
21. Arizona
22. Washington
23. Nebraska
24. East Carolina
25. Kansas State