Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 5

Finally, the exhibition games are over with and we are in the meat of conference play. It’s about time things started to get interesting. This coming week has about 7 games featuring ranked teams in the same conference. Love it.

This past week didn’t teach us much. Florida State’s stock continues to slide as they haven’t dominated anyone yet. The ACC overall looks weak with North Carolina getting beat down again. If it weren’t for Notre Dame on the schedule, Florida State wouldn’t have a strong enough schedule for the playoff I think. They might get Georgia Tech in the ACC championship, but at this rate, who knows. ACC isn’t looking good though.

The Big Ten isn’t much better. Penn State went down so now only Nebraska remains among the ranks of undefeated. They visit Michigan State this week so that should change. Ohio State has a tricky one at Maryland too. And Michigan continues to unravel. Things are looking way, way down in Big Ten country.

The SEC is about to get interesting. The east is a cakewalk, but the west is full of powerhouse teams. And now they start to faceoff. Missouri and Georgia will play for the de facto east title in a week or two, so nothing interesting there. The SEC is only interesting in the west division and you know a lot of people are watching closely.

The Big 12 is looking pretty decent at this point. Oklahoma, Baylor, Kansas State, TCU and Oklahoma State are all ranked. Texas Tech, West Virginia, and Texas look at least decent. Kansas and Iowa State not so much…but every conference has a doormat. I wouldn’t expect anyone to come out of there undefeated, but their champion should make the playoff.

The Pac-12 took a hit when Boston College lost oddly enough. USC and the Pac-12 need the Eagles to play well so that road loss doesn’t look so bad. Stanford can make a big statement when they visit Notre Dame this week. UCLA finally looks strong, and Washington hung around with Stanford all game, so they don’t look like a slouch at all. Utah, Washington State and Colorado still have some catching up to do. Cal is a question mark at this point.

BYU and Notre Dame still have a decent shot at the playoffs, especially Notre Dame. They have Florida State and Stanford on the schedule. Go undefeated and they are in for sure. BYU needs some help though, plus they still have tough road games at Boise State and UCF, so undefeated might not be realistic anyhow.

If I had to guess, right now I would say the playoff would be Oregon, Oklahoma, Alabama and Michigan State. Nope, no Florida State. I can’t see them going undefeated, and no loss can count as much as Michigan State’s to Oregon. ACC is weak and probably don’t see an undefeated there.

If I were filling out a Heisman ballot, this is what mine would look like:

1. Marcus Mariota
2. Todd Gurley
3. Dak Prescott

If I were an AP voter this is the ballot I would turn in this week:

1. Oregon
2. Oklahoma
3. Alabama
4. Auburn
5. Florida State
6. Notre Dame
7. Texas A&M
8. Baylor
9. Ole Miss
10. UCLA
11. Michigan State
12. Mississippi State
13. LSU
14. USC
15. Stanford
16. BYU
17. Georgia
18. Arizona
19. Nebraska
20. Wisconsin
21. Missouri
22. East Carolina
23. Kansas State
24. Oklahoma State
25. Arizona State