Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 6

CHAOS!!! Finally, good teams started to play each other, and we got to see how good teams really are. Or in many cases, how not good. You surely know about all the upsets by now, so rather than looking at that, lets look in depth at how the rankings should be.

The rankings will in no way resemble this, but here is a logical look at how they should be.

1. The Undefeateds

At this point if you are undefeated, you are in the top 25. Period. Here they are in order of who is best.

Florida State
Mississippi State
Ole Miss
Notre Dame
Georgia Tech

I think some 1 loss teams are better than some undefeateds, but each of these guys needs to be in the top 25.

2. The One Loss Teams

This group is large and diverse. At this point I don’t think there is a two loss team who is better than 25 undefeateds or one loss teams. LSU, Stanford and Wisconsin, sorry. The question is, how do you order the one loss teams? Unlike the coaches and AP voters who don’t seem to watch football or pay attention to who plays who, I will take in to account games played against each other. See, if Oregon beats Michigan State, and they have the same record, then Oregon is better than Michigan State. Best logic I can think of.

Texas A&M
Michigan State
Kansas State
Ohio State
Oklahoma State
East Carolina
Arizona State
Northern Illinois
Penn State
Colorado State
Air Force

Hopefully I got everybody. Now let’s make some realistic rankings here:

1. Auburn
2. Florida State
3. Mississippi State
4. Ole Miss
5. Baylor
6. Notre Dame
7. TCU
8. Arizona
9. Alabama
10. Oklahoma
11. Oregon
12. Texas A&M
13. Michigan State
14. Georgia
15. Kansas State
16. Georgia Tech
17. Ohio State
18. Oklahoma State
19. Cal
20. Nebraska
21. Utah
22. Missouri
23. East Carolina
24. UCLA
25. Marshall

No one is ranked ahead of someone they lost to with an equal record. This would be my ballot if I were an AP voter.

If I were voting for the Heisman, this would be my ballot:

1. Dak Prescott
2. Todd Gurley
3. Marcus Mariota

By season’s end, the rankings will be a lot different, and based on how things have gone, I foresee the playoff being Auburn, Baylor, Michigan State and Notre Dame. Call me crazy. Auburn will escape with one loss and the Pac-12 will destroy each other. Notre Dame will beat Florida State and put themselves in the playoff over them. Based on play so far, that’s how I see it going down. But that’s why they play the games.