Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds: You are better than teams who beat you

So in a dizzying display of stupidity, both the coaches and sportswriters agree- just because you beat a team, doesn’t make you better than them. This of course infuriates college football fans across the country because it shows exactly why our current system fails! Right now if every top 25 team finished with 1-loss, Alabama would still play for a national championship against Ohio State, ignoring the fact that another 1-loss team beat them. Nothing is decided on the field. South Carolina isn’t even ranked directly behind Alabama in either poll.

So I ask you BCS proponents, you idiotic morons, please explain your argument that a playoff would mean the regular season means nothing? What does it mean now? What does it mean when you beat a team decidedly and yet still can’t get ranked ahead of them, in spite of only having one loss, just like them. The South Carolina loss even came to a team ranked ahead of both South Carolina and Alabama. And it was on the road. Looking at quality of loss, South Carolina’s is a better loss. No reason can explain why Alabama is ranked ahead of the Gamecocks.

Nothing else this week angered me like this. Yeah I was way off on the Nebraska and Utah upsets. Throw Cincy in there too. Apparently some smart people are reading this blog because as soon as I put someone on upset alert they respond with flying colors. Maybe I should put South Carolina on upset alert every week so that they play well in hopes they may actually pass Alabama, a team they have proven they are better than.

Of course it won’t be hard. The SEC east has got to be the absolute worst division of college football this year. South Carolina shouldn’t have too much trouble breezing through. And Alabama still has LSU and Auburn to worry about, so the SEC is anyone’s guess. But as long as Alabama and South Carolina have one loss each, there is no sane reason to rank Alabama ahead of South Carolina. None. At all.

Oregon State just beat Arizona and isn’t ranked ahead of them because Oregon State has two losses and Arizona has one. But when Arizona get’s its second loss, Oregon State will be ranked higher, because they beat them. These things make sense.

However, Arizona stomped Iowa. Both are 4-1. And Iowa is ahead of Arizona in both polls. And we use polls to determine what is fair for who should play for a national championship? Are you kidding me? Is this kind of flawed logic what we want as a factor to determine who are the two best teams in the country?

Can I ask another question? Why is Florida ranked? Texas loses two straight and they dive out of the rankings. Florida loses two straight to the only good teams on their schedule and…stays ranked? Here’s another good question: if these polls are so great and should play a vital role in the BCS rankings, why after 6 games are there FIVE different teams getting first place votes? If these people knew what they were talking about, shouldn’t there be slightly more agreement? It means all of these coaches and everyone else are using different criteria to rank teams…however none of them seems to use actual performance on the field as one of them, as we’ve demonstrated.

So frustrating. So many flaws with this system it is sickening.