Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds

Well this weekend sure surprised a lot of people. Most of the drama surrounded the Pac-12, understandably, but there were other interesting developments around the country that should catch some attention.

First let’s talk Pac-12. Apparently UCLA has got some depth, because tons of injuries haven’t slowed them down. After beating up on Arizona they look like the team to beat in the Pac-12. They are a complete team with depth which is hard to keep up with.

Unless you’re Utah. No one wants to play them right now I guarantee you that. It’s too bad for Michigan State because their signature top-10 victory looks not as great. In fact when you consider they had Oregon at home and only won by 3 and Utah spanked them in Oregon, it’s hard to rank the Utes behind the Spartans. Of course everyone did because no one understands how to rank or what they mean, but I do, and you’ll see that at the end.

USC made Arizona State look like an FCS program in the first half, and on the road no less. Texas A&M suddenly doesn’t look as impressive. It’s amazing how the impact of a win should change over time but never does.

TCU looked like they won’t actually be contenders this year. Baylor on the other hand is rolling, but hasn’t played anyone yet. The Big 12 is littered with trap games though, from West Virginia, to Kansas State, to Oklahoma State and even Texas Tech. That’s not counting Oklahoma or TCU, the big games still on Baylor’s schedule. Hard to believe the Big 12 champ would get shut out of the playoffs again.

Unless of course there are co-champions yet again, then you might see another shut out. In which case the Big 12 will take exactly 10 seconds to pick up the phone and go through the schools they likely have on speed dial: BYU, Colorado State, Cincinnati and Memphis. They will get to 12 faster than you can say conference championship game. We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

Surprise surprise, Florida is ranked because they beat nobody. When you play in the SEC you get the benefit of being ranked when you win a conference game, because SEC. Mississippi State and Florida won’t last long in the top 25, but they had to fill them with someone I guess.

The rankings are still very fluid this early in the season as teams are hitting the conference schedules, so better games are coming and will reveal a lot more about each team.

Right now if I had to vote for the Heisman it would be Fournette of LSU who looks to be the second coming of Bo Jackson. If he stays healthy he will be the first unanimous decision for Heisman. You read it here first.

Here are my updated predictions on conference champions and the playoff:

SEC Champion: LSU over Georgia
Pac-12 Champion: UCLA over Stanford
Big Ten Champion: Michigan State over Northwestern
Big 12 Champion: Baylor
ACC Champion: Clemson over Duke
Playoff: (1) LSU vs (4) Michigan State and (2) Baylor vs (3) UCLA
Championship game: LSU over UCLA

If I was voting in the AP poll, this is the ballot I would have submitted today:

1. LSU
2. Ole Miss
3. Utah
5. Georgia
6. Michigan State
7. Baylor
8. Ohio State
9. Notre Dame
10. Oklahoma
11. Clemson
12. Florida State
13. Alabama
14. Northwestern
15. Stanford
16. USC
17. Texas A&M
18. Oklahoma State
19. Cal
20. Michigan
21. West Virginia
22. Temple
23. Toledo
24. Wisconsin
25. Mississippi State

Receiving consideration: Iowa, Miami, Memphis, Houston, Kansas State