TCU’s Fate In Conference Expansion

Lots of people talk about BYU and what they are up to and its impact on the conference expansion talks. But what about the best remaining committed team to the MWC, TCU? They have been to a BCS bowl, had an undefeated season and come from holy recruiting grounds in college football. They should not be taken lightly. Remember that post about Gary Patterson knowing something we don’t know? Let me tell you what it is: TCU to the SEC.

Think about it. Dan Beebe is a dithering idiot. He and Craig Thompson don’t have a clue. Look at the SEC on the other hand. Talk about a conference that knows what’s going on and has everything going for them. They showed interest in Texas A&M when that situation blew up. Texas would be a great place to get into for them. So why when the supposed Big 12 stuck together as 10 did no one see this coming? The MWC, WAC and C-USA are unstable at the moment. Who knows what will happen there. TCU is planning a big renovation of their stadium. The SEC would be crazy not to be considering adding two teams to make it an even 14.

Which two? TCU is a no brainer. Now a consistent top 10, this brings the best conference in the land to a higher level. But why stop there? Tommy Tuberville has already expressed disdain at Texas and the conference he still has left around him. It’s only a matter of time until Texas bolts completely and goes independent. We all know it is happening. So what then? Why not snag TCU and Texas Tech before everything falls apart? Then when the Big Ten steals away Missouri and Texas goes independent, who is in the best position to grab Oklahoma and Oklahoma State? Say hello to the new SEC 16 team powerhouse conference. Imagine if they got TCU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State…that would be one formidable conference. Texas would go independent. Missouri goes Big Ten. Kansas and Kansas State go MWC or Big Ten if they are lucky. Baylor goes C-USA.

Now is the time when there is discord and instability. Now is the time to strike. If the SEC wants to stay the best in the land, they had better see this coming. The ACC and Big East are going to consolidate. The Big Ten will snag Big 12 and Big East teams. The Pac-12 is about as big as it will ever get. The MWC is growing. To stay on top, the SEC absolutely has to make a power move for TCU and Texas Tech right now. Move Alabama and Auburn into the East division and you are set. Tell me that wouldn’t mean they are perfectly set up to grab Oklahoma and Oklahoma State as soon as that conference comes smashing down. It would be a gutsy move, but if anyone is going to do it, its the SEC.

What do you think?