Ten Reasons why College football is better than Professional Football

Football season is upon us; College, Professional, High School, etc. Anyone reading this has a passion for football and my guess is if you a reading this you have a passion for college football. This article is opinion but I will attempt to point out ten reasons why college football is better than professional football.

Reason 1: College football is great when you walk into a stadium and look on the sidelines you see cheerleaders that look like they could be your sister’s friend, your neighbor’s daughter, a girl that sits or sat or could sit behind you in your Math 105 class, or a girl that is taking your order at Starbucks or Applebees. She is a genuine girl with all of her natural parts intact.

On a professional football sideline you see girls that may be more silicone than natural, could be an extra in a Lil’ John video, or could have their own website, that in order to visit you need your filter turned off and a credit card.

Reason 2. College football games take four hours, it is an event, more time to eat, drink and be merry, it is not bound by fitting into a neat and tidy time slot on television. You develop a friendship with the people in your section, in that you all are connected by liking the home team more than the away team (usually). You can sit in a section with someone who grew up with #12, or #98 and get stories that you would never know from the media, and #12 and #98 seem like good genuine guys.

Professional football games, you could sit in a section with a drunk abusive out of control fan who’s connection with #12 or #98 is the jersey he is wearing or that they were at the same strip club last off season. In some stadiums the visiting fans outnumber the home fans; anyone who has attended a game involving the Cowboys or Steelers (outside of Dallas or Pittsburgh) can attest to this.

Reason 3. College football has linebackers wearing numbers 5,19, 38, 1, or 7; Receivers wearing 9,7,6,and 1; Quarterbacks wearing 20, 22, or 25; Fullbacks wearing 6, 8, or 5 and D-linemen wearing 1, 13, or 9.

Professional football has rules as far as what positions wear what number and rules within the game that govern where they can line up. For instance single digit numbers cannot line up as wideouts without reporting; losing the element of surprise, you can’t have two single digit numbers in the back field unless you are in a kicking formation etc. Trying to get those straight in your head is just maddening.

Reason 4. College football you have future CPA’s, Attorneys, Coaches, Teachers or Managers tackling a guy who may play for millions of dollars one day, and is a great memory for them; or one of those guys being tackled by a guy who will play on Sundays.

Professional football has a guy driving a BMW who took a trip to Europe in the offseason “to unwind” tackling a guy driving a Hummer who took a trip to Australia because Europe has been done to death.

Reason 5. College football has bands and fight songs that you can identify. You can hum your local schools fight song, and at least two other schools without much thought.

Professional football games your ears have the “honor” of hearing: “who let the dogs out”, “Woop there it is” or some other Jock jams song in a constant loop. If a team has a fight song it is usually something you wouldn’t hum. Hum the Minnesota Vikings song Prince made if you dispute this.

Reason 6. College football has fans tearing down goalposts after a big win, players carrying Roses when they have clinched a Rose Bowl berth, fans storming the field after a big victory, teams that walk through campus on game day shaking hands with fans on the way to the stadium, there is a connection with fans.

Professional football has players who drive to the stadium, pull into the team parking lot that is patrolled by armed security, and are as secure as a military installation. When a professional team gets a big victory, the fans file out of the stadium and turn on the postgame show.

Reason 7 College football has fan bases that will obtain an opponent’s star player’s cell number, “blow his phone up” the week of the game and send text messages at 2am or 5am.

Professional football players have twitter accounts and followers.

Reason 8 When college football teams take the field they do so running behind a buffalo, a prairie schooner , a Trojan brandishing and burying a sword, or running out of the fog.

When professional football players take the field they are announced individually, you tend to miss this as your picking up your food or using the restroom.

Reason 9College football has traditions like kissing after a touchdown, chanting, hand gestures that look like a pistol, a steer’s horns, “u” or “o”, Cadets doing push ups after scores, coeds crowd surfing up the stadium bleachers.

Can you imagine any of these happening in pro venues like Philadelphia, Oakland, Cleveland? Let’s see the opposite of the above; the hand gesture would be a middle finger, fights between fan bases after a touchdown, cursing at the coaches and players, and another round of drinks after a score.

Reason 10 College football has stories about kids who want to play the game and a love the game. Who overcome Cancer, homelessness, or any hurdles that could have kept them from playing.

Pro football has the Brett Favre will he retire saga, players holding out for more money (to play a game) and reality shows starring TO and Ochocinco.

There you have my list of reasons why college football is so much better than professional football- feel free to add your reason why college football is better than pro football.