The College Football Cafeteria’s 2008 Champion

The Utah Utes! Congratulations for being the only FBS school to be undefeated! That’s of course not to mention how badly they trounced Alabama, a team ranked #1 for almost half the season.

Between Florida, USC, Utah and Texas I think the whole country would love to have seen a four team playoff after the bowl games. But alas, our current system does not allow for such things. Here at College Football Cafeteria, we are pushing for a revision of the current postseason. Check out our postseason proposal for more info.

Just a thought, think on this one- what about combining the MWC and the WAC? We drop Louisiana Tech and put them into the Sun Belt. We call it the WFC, Western Football Conference. I guess that is still 16 teams, a bit much, but not unthinkable. In the West division you have: Hawaii, San Jose State, Fresno State, San Diego State, Nevada, UNLV, Boise State and Idaho. In the East division you have Utah, Utah State, BYU, TCU, New Mexico, Colorado State, Air Force and Wyoming. You play your division plus one conference game out of division each year. That’s 8 conference games and 4 non-conference games. Division winners play a conference championship. Tell me the winner of that game doesn’t deserve an automatic bid at the BCS table.

What are your thoughts?