The Useless Coaches Poll And Other Ramblings

Pretty ordinary week in college football. I really wanted to see Auburn pull it off against LSU, but it wasn’t meant to be. Next week promises some thrillers, so I’m looking forward to that. But we are now four games into the season and already we have the mindless coaches ruining the rankings again. The AP isn’t much better, but things are getting pretty bad. And the coaches are the ones picking who plays for the championship. Brilliant.

The coaches have decided the Nebraska deserves to be at #20. They have a 3-1 record with impressive wins over Southern Miss, Arkansas State and Idaho State. The only decent team they have played is UCLA, who beat them. Coincidentally, UCLA is also 3-1. They have wins over Rice, Houston and Nebraska obviously. No FCS teams in there by the way. Their only loss is at the hands of Oregon State.

Oregon State is 2-0 with wins against Wisconsin and UCLA. They had a game moved back due to a hurricane and had a bye week already as well. So, how did the coaches sort this out? Naturally they decided that of these three teams, Nebraska is the best. Yup, you read that right. The team with the least impressive wins is better than the team with an identical record who beat them. And they are better than the undefeated team who beat the only opponent to beat them as well.

Crazy! Oregon State should be about top 20. UCLA maybe deserves a top 25 spot. And if they do it must be ahead of Nebraska. But don’t worry things will get worse. They have Wisconsin only two spots behind Oregon State. So if the Beavers lose, they will get ranked lower than the Badgers, a team they beat. What’s with these coaches? Are none of them from the Pac-12? Are they all from the Big Ten?

At least the AP has Oregon State ranked ahead of Nebraska where they belong. Strange though that Nebraska is ranked ahead of UCLA in their poll as well. But what can you expect? The coaches gave two votes each to Miami (FL), San Jose State and Washington. So somewhere there are two coaches who each feel those teams are top 25 material. Should we really be taking what they say into consideration here? That’s not the best part. The coaches gave Western Kentucky 5 votes. Yup, the mighty Hilltoppers. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

But so it goes. In other news, we had Oklahoma and Clemson remove themselves from championship contention, something that was bound to happen at some point. Definitely more embarrassing for Oklahoma since they lost at home. Clemson just did what Clemson does, build a lead and then stop playing defense. It’s what you expect. Sooners just choked.

So how is the race to the championship shaping up? I honestly don’t see anyone beating Alabama. They stay at #1 all season, win the SEC and go to the title game. But #2 is more interesting. Right now this sounds weird but Florida State is really in command. They have a patsy schedule from here on out with their last game with Florida being the only challenge left. They definitely have the easiest road to #2. But hey, it’s Florida State, they are also most likely to blow the game they should easily win.

Oregon looked very impressive, but they have big tests with Stanford and USC. Not to mention Oregon State is coming out of nowhere this season. They are a better team but have a harder road. LSU doesn’t have a chance. Alabama will crush them. So who does that leave?

Alabama cannot be undefeated and have Georgia and South Carolina undefeated as well. It’s impossible. So they will be out. Stanford can’t be unbeaten if Oregon is. West Virginia and Kansas State cannot both be unbeaten. Notre Dame actually has a nice track to the top. They have some hard games but not that bad. USC will be the hardest test along with Stanford. But all winnable games with the way they play defense.

So as it stands I would say your final top 5 have the best chance of being Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Notre Dame and Georgia. Just a guess, but good as any others I have seen out there. Can’t wait to see it play out.