The Worst of the Worst

As the season winds down and teams fall out of contention for conference crowns, BCS bowl games, bowl games and winning seasons there will be teams that may not play with effort or intensity. There will be teams that had lofty goals and expectations and are now finding themselves playing for a slot in a 6th place bowl. The hope for me is that programs that are huge underdogs will show up and play with purpose just so the casual fan has good games to watch. I am hoping that there will be enough good games to keep me watching so I can avoid the dreaded Saturday of Christmas window shopping.

Worst game of the week- . Eastern Michigan at Buffalo this is a baaaaaaad game in the MAC. I don’t know about the rest of you but doesn’t it seem that this week has been MAC week? I know ESPN is contractually obligated to show a certain amount of MAC games, I get it, but who knew they would all be a week before Thanksgiving. There was that battle between Temple and Ohio U. but then the viewer was subjected to games involving Akron and Bowling Green. The Discovery Channel did a great job of plugging “Shark Week” in an effort to get people to watch, ESPN should warn us all when it is “MAC Week” so we can make alternate viewing plans or watch the replay of good games form the past weekend on our own.

What can you say about this game? Not a lot; does anybody at these schools even care about this game or their teams? I do not know but I know this, both of these teams have one game left and should Buffalo win this one they could go into the offseason with a two game winning streak as they play winless Akron next week.

Worst coaching Job- Mike Stoops Arizona, I wanted to give this honor “Mt Vesuvius” Mike last week for his team’s loss at Stanford, however this week he wins the honor. Arizona’s special teams were not very special last Saturday at Arizona Stadium. The Cats had a kicker miss a field goal on the first drive of the game, allowed the Trojans to convert a fourth down on a fake, and had issues with the punter being able to execute a pooch punt. Usually the head coach has more of a hand in the special teams than any of the other units (offense and defense, so the Special Teams issues are firmly on the “visored “ melon of one Mike Stoops.

Worst Performance- Taylor Potts and the Texas Tech offense. “Shiver me timbers aye matey “ remember when Tech had one of the most explosive offenses in the country, when quarterbacks would put up insane numbers, and receivers went to Tech to catch 10-15 balls a game? Well “Coach Click Clack” has put an end to that and apparently has put an end to winning on the south plains in the process. Taylor Potts finished the Oklahoma game with a stat line of 18-36 for 136 yards and two interceptions, those were halftime stats during the Pirate’s days of captaining the “Good ship floppy moptop” but apparently that performance by Potts is going to be common place for Tech. The Tech offense had two telling stats in this game not only did the offense score seven points but the Red Raiders won the time of possession battle in the game, with Tech holding the ball for 31 minutes.

Worst loss- There is tie for this one; Arizona losing to USC and Utah losing at Notre Dame

Arizona had an outside shot at the Rose Bowl (for those that do not know Arizona is the only program in the Pac-10 and Big-10 to never go to a Rose Bowl). Arizona needed a host of scenarios to play out for them to go, but all of those scenarios hinged on them winning their remaining games which would include a victory versus Oregon. However even if Arizona would have won out they certainly would wind up in a better bowl than the Sun Bowl (no offense to the Sun Bowl President Amen Ayoub), which with the loss may be their likely bowl destination. Arizona played USC, after the Trojans were drilled by “team swoosh”, so you have to believe the Trojans were demoralized and ready for the season to end. So what does Arizona do? Give USC every reason to stick around in the game and ultimately the Trojans decide to just win the game since Arizona didn’t want it.

The next loss would be Utah losing to Notre Dame, Utah allowed the past and history beat them, Utah currently has a better program and allowed itself to get caught up in what Notre Dame once was. It almost seemed at times that Utah saw the golden helmets and became intimidated. These back to back weeks for Utah actually may have actually spoken more to what will happen to Utah when they begin playing in the PAC-12 next year, as TCU and Notre Dame maybe the equivalent of playing Oregon one week and Arizona the next, I guess the talk of the Utes winning the PAC-12 in its first year maybe a little premature.