The Worst of Times

In every blog or magazine there is always a column or entry about the best games to watch and the best programs. I decided to do something a little different, what is that you ask? I am debuting a weekly entry where I will preview the worst game of the coming week, worst coaching job in the previous week, worst loss in the previous week, and of course worst performance by an overhyped athlete.

Worst game of the week- New Mexico at New Mexico St. not much debate on this one, by far the worst game this week pits an 0-4 team welcoming an 0-5 team for a game in a state known for chile. This certainly is not the hottest game of the weekend but like eating too much chile, those who see this game may still need to use the bathroom should they sit through any part of this one. Football fans in New Mexico must be hoping the NCAA or the governor will just cancel this game and ask to have both school’s basketball teams play two extra games to make up the revenue. This is a game that is not on television, which is good, however if one does decide to bravely watch this one, it should come with a warning label; “Prolonged viewing this game may cause various adverse conditions related to ocular functioning, please consult a physician should there be extended exposure.”

On to this game’s importance, this game is huge for both programs in that the program that loses could possibly go 0 for the season, even though NMSU still has a home date with San Jose St. which could yield the programs first win this year. Both programs either has a date with a BCS title game contender or had a date; which ultimately could ultimately affect strength of schedule somewhere in December of Boise St. and TCU. The Vegas line has the Aggies as a three and a half point favorite, how much of a gambling degenerate must you be to bet this game? However, the obvious question may be why do I know that tidbit of information? This game will remind many of two children pillow fighting.

Worst coaching Job- Take your pick, Derrick Dooley or Les Miles. I’ve always wondered two things aloud how did Les Miles, who had a very pedestrian record at Oklahoma St. wind up with the LSU job? The other question I have is how did Derrick Dooley, who despite having the best location (for recruits) in the WAC, still managed to do nothing at Louisiana Tech, and parlay that into a “good” SEC job?

This weekend’s performance did nothing to sway the sentiment that both of these coaches are not good in game coaches. The last two plays of this game (Tennessee Vs. LSU) stand out as shining examples of two poorly coached teams , however there were 59 minutes and 59 seconds of coaches making bad decisions prior to the last second. The game was filled with alternating QB’s and defenses choosing to play soft at critical moments, offenses playing conservatively and leaving a bad defense that could only stop an offense willing to stop itself to stop a desperate offense. The worst thing that could have happened to LSU fan was actually winning this game, because there will be some at LSU that will consider this a good win, therefore keeping the for sale signs off of the “Mad Hatters” lawn. Dooley also does not deserve a pass but he will get one, he is the guy cleaning up the Lane Kiffin mess, but you have to think if his name were not Dooley (yes I know his father was the Georgia coach), does he get the Tennessee job? However, because his father was a good coach does not mean he is. It also brings up a question, how is it the son of the legendary Bulldog gridder boss dock his boat in the Volunteer navy yard and is accepted by that fan base?

Worst loss- North Carolina St. Hear me out. You are up by double digits in the first half, you are on the road, you are undefeated, and you are ranked, a win by you and your conference salvages some credibility, but while you are on your way to putting this game in the freezer and getting ready to prepare yourself for the rest of your schedule you come from ahead by double digits to lose by double digits. Some programs can not deal with prosperity and that is what you have with NC St, but realistically is not this what we have come to expect with Tom O’Brien coached teams. They fold in big games, or games that they need to have.

Worst Performance- Yes it is easy to put A&M QB Jerrod Johnson as the winner of this, anybody who has seen Johnson’s dredgible-like passes float into the waiting arms of opposing teams defensive backs would agree, heck there were times that fans thought the ball should have had Goodyear or Met Life on side and not the Nike swoosh. You have to think that when Oklahoma State saw Texas A&M with the ball and under two minutes and saw A&M intended to throw the ball to get into field goal range that the Cowboys felt, “they had ’em where they wanted ‘em.” A&M fans should feel a sense of dread when they see Johnson taking a three, five or seven step drop because the old Darryl Royal quote applies for Mike Sherman’s offense“ when you throw the ball only three things can happen and two are bad.”