This is for You One Bronco Nation Under God

One Bronco Nation Under God is a most excellent blog covering all things Boise State. They recently found my article on a realistic conference realignment and put up a link to it for their readers, which I appreciate. However, some readers decided to leave comments back on the Boise State site and not on my blog post itself. I stumbled upon these and decided I needed to defend myself as I always do, so here’s to you TitoRay, leadtrumpetdave and casketbase.

“Now, here’s an article I’m sure the writer wishes he could take back. New Mexico to the Big 12? Idaho to the MWC? Nevada and Hawaii to the PAC 10? I don’t think so! Not in this lifetime, anyway.” -TitoRay

I can always appreciate a complete lack of evidence to support a view point like the next guy, but this is ridiculous. If the Big 12 did lose Missouri, who do you suggest they replace them with? They’re not going to Texas or Oklahoma, they have those markets covered. There is New Mexico, New Mexico State, Colorado State, Utah or BYU. No one else is in the discussion. If you think BYU or Utah will bolt to the Big 12 you have another thing coming. There is no advantage to them in that. New Mexico State will never even get the invite as we all know. Colorado State is in a market the Big 12 already has a presence in, but they might like to invite a good rivalry into the conference. New Mexico makes sense geographically. Arkansas could reunite the old Southwest Conference. Either way, the only three that would have a chance would be New Mexico, Colorado State and Arkansas, in that order. I just don’t see them going for another Texas or Oklahoma school.

If Boise State left the WAC, which is very likely if they get an invite to the MWC, then it won’t take long for Idaho to try and follow. Maybe the MWC won’t want them, I get that, but you better believe that when the WAC is Boise State-less, no one will want to stay in that conference for very long, especially if Hawaii and Nevada go to the Pac-10, which is your other point.

If the Big Ten goes to 12 teams, the Pac-10 is going to feel a lot of pressure to do the same. Your candidates are: Hawaii, San Jose State, Fresno State, San Diego State, UNLV, Nevada, Boise State, Idaho, Utah, Utah State and BYU. They are the only ones who make sense geographically. You can go ahead and eliminate San Jose State, Idaho, Utah State and San Diego State. The Pac-10 simply won’t want them. Picking up BYU and Utah would be huge for the conference. I just don’t see two teams at the top of their conference on the verge of an automatic BCS berth leaving. That leaves Hawaii, Fresno State, UNLV, Nevada and Boise State.

I think Boise State would much rather compete in the MWC than the Pac-10. It creates natural rivalries for them and gives them a great shot at a BCS game every year. I don’t think the Pac-10 would want Fresno State since they have plenty of California schools already. That leaves Hawaii, UNLV and Nevada. Hawaii is an obvious pick. It opens a new market and the teams Hawaii puts together are usually pretty good. Now you look at UNLV vs. Nevada. I think the Pac-10 might prefer to take UNLV to be honest. Great basketball teams, usually decent at football…its a good fit. But the MWC is pretty tight and I’m not sure UNLV would want to leave, even if it were for the Pac-10. Maybe, but I’m not sold. Nevada would bounce in a heartbeat, especially if Boise State and Hawaii already left the conference.

Now if you have anything to say to that, by all means, comment below.

” Furthermore he suggested that the Big East would also need to expand from 8 to 10 teams, but the only way that’s going to happen is if they either convince some basketball schools to add football, or replace a couple of teams (not going to happen). They only have 8 that play football, but they have 16 member universities. Not likely to expand beyond that.” -leadtrumpetdave

News flash genius, Georgetown and Villanova have football teams but play in the FCS. Temple played in the Big East for only football. Notre Dame plays in the Big East for only basketball. A conference can invite whoever they want to play whatever they want. And unlike basketball, football programs bring in the big bucks for the schools and the conference. The Big East will do anything and everything necessary to preserve football greatness in their conference. If there is a possibility they could lose their automatic BCS berth, they will add any teams necessary to keep it. It is no secret Memphis wants in already. Marshall is another natural fit. Heck, even bringing Temple back for football only isn’t a bad idea. If it is expand football competition or fade to irrelevance, the Big East will simply expand their football competition.

“My favorite part was was the title: “A Very Realistic Conference Realignment.”
Keep your eyes peeled for his other upcoming articles:
“A Very Realistic Chance Idaho Wins the WAC in 2010”
“A Very Realistic Interview With a Liger”
“A Very Realistic Chance I Fail at Life” -casketbase

I’m really not sure what to make of this. Is he making fun of me? Is this an insult? If all these things have no chance of happening, shouldn’t the last title be “A Very Realistic Chance I Succeed at Life?” If you’re going to try and make fun of someone or mock them, at least have the decency to make sense. For example, keep your eyes peeled for casketbase’s upcoming articles:

“A Very Realistic Chance I Get Some Action This Decade”
“A Very Realistic Way I Can Make Friends”
“A Very Realistic Chance I Make a Lot of Money”

Oooooooh…major dis! You see, that is how it is done. And thanks to Rick and Josh who left their comments on the blog post. They were good comments. If anyone reading right now is from One Bronco Nation Under God, then tell me what an idiot I am in my own comments so that I can devote a blog post to your shallow remarks as well.