Thoughts About Week 10

Well I was sure hoping yesterday would be more exciting than it was. Florida State blew out Miami, but I saw that one coming. Oklahoma State blew out Texas Tech. Michigan State blew out Michigan. And Iowa didn’t even give Wisconsin a game. Fairly uneventful and nothing really close of significance.

I have a feeling Florida State won’t get a lot of help from the Miami win. They lost Duke Johnson for the season and with Virginia Tech and Duke coming up I don’t know that they win either of those games. There’s a good chance Miami doesn’t finish the season ranked. But who knows, they may continue to pull off miracles. The win helps now, but probably not going the distance.

The Big Ten has some clarity. Michigan State asserted itself as the team to compete with Ohio State for the league title, and that would be a good game. All they have to do is get past Nebraska or hope the Huskers drop one more league game. Then they are all but assured a spot. The Minnesota game sure looks intriguing there. But I’m anticipating an Ohio State-Michigan State matchup for the Big Ten championship. And Michigan looks like they won’t be the bright spot on Ohio State’s schedule, meaning their whole schedule is marshmallow soft.

The Big 12 race got a little tighter. Texas Tech is basically out of the running now. So you’ve still got Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Sure will be fun now that all four get to play each other.

With all that has happened here is my new BCS bowl projection:

Championship: Alabama vs Oregon
Rose: Ohio State vs Stanford
Fiesta: Oklahoma State vs UCF
Sugar: LSU vs Clemson
Orange: Florida State vs Michigan State

I don’t think Fresno State or Northern Illinois will stay undefeated at this point. Both have big games on the schedule and a conference championship. Plus they would have to finish higher in the BCS standings than the champions from the SEC (not happening), Pac-12 (not happening), ACC (not happening), Big Ten (not happening), Big 12 (not happening) or American (only possibility). Small chance but it could happen. Fresno State seems to have a leg up for schedule strength so if both do go undefeated they would probably get in over Michigan State. Maybe the Fiesta would take them then so UCF could go to the Orange Bowl. Would make more sense.

So if I had a ballot to fill out for the AP Poll, here’s how mine would look:

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida State
4. Ohio State
5. Stanford
6. Baylor
7. Missouri
8. Oklahoma
9. Clemson
10. Auburn
11. Oklahoma State
12. LSU
13. South Carolina
14. Michigan State
15. Miami
16. Fresno State
17. Northern Illinois
18. Texas A&M
19. UCF
20. Louisville
21. UCLA
22. Arizona State
23. Wisconsin
24. Notre Dame
25. Texas Tech

November has some big games for us to enjoy with this Thursday bringing two of them. Should be fun!