Thoughts After Week 2

Week 2 told us a lot about the state of college football this season. Things are starting to come in to focus. Here are my thoughts on things around the country after week 2.

1. Turns out rating South Carolina’s defense from one hit in their bowl game was a terrible idea. 41 points they just gave up. And even though Jadeveon Clowney CAN take off a quarterback’s head, all Georgia did was play away from him all day. It turns out it doesn’t take much to get into his head as he was visibly frustrated following the game.

2. Staying in the SEC, why is Florida still ranked? Five turnovers? They looked nearly as bad as Texas. This team is bad. Like, non-competitive bad. Florida can still play defense, but just because their best players are on defense, doesn’t mean you want your defense out on the field the whole game. Miami embarrassed the Gators and showed the ACC is going to be a lot more interesting this year. At least more interesting than the SEC, two of whose top teams fell to two top ACC teams.

3. Lane Kiffin needs to be fired yesterday. This guy can’t coach. He was bad at the Raider. He was bad at Tennessee. He’s been bad at USC. And now that all of Pete Carroll’s recruits are gone or nearly gone, he’s showing what he can do. And that’s nothing. 54 yards of passing? Let me just point out something. Lane Kiffin’s dad coached the defense last year. They canned him in the off-season. They allowed just 7 rushing yards on 22 attempts. Lane Kiffin runs the offense. Maybe the AD at USC can wake up and spot a trend here. Fire another Kiffin and watch whatever he was coaching start to flourish. It’s simple really. Fire Lane Kiffin and then pay Chris Petersen to come over from Boise State. Pay him whatever he asks for. Just get him.

4. Speaking of firing head coaches, it’s time for Mack Brown to go. They already canned the defensive coordinator after last night’s debacle. But Mack Brown has had nothing going in the last few seasons. His defense sucks. His offense sucks. And with top notch facilities and recruiting, that’s unacceptable in Texas. I have a simple message for their AD just like I did for USC: fire Mack Brown and then pay Charlie Strong to come over from Louisville. Pay him whatever he asks for. Just get him.

5. Is the Big Ten the best conference top to bottom all of a sudden? Normally we think SEC here, but let’s take a look at the teams. Alabama, LSU and Georgia are at the top of the conference. Texas A&M, South Carolina and Ole Miss form the second tier. Look at who is left. Inept Florida. Kentucky who lost to an FCS team. Vanderbilt, perennial loser. Mississippi State who managed 3 points against a team that just gave up 35 to Texas San Antonio. Arkansas (ha!). Tennessee (bigger joke than Arkansas). Seriously, is anyone going to say this is the strongest conference anymore? The Big Ten has Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Northwestern, Nebraska, Michigan State…pretty loaded, and I didn’t think that would be the case.

6. Speaking of conference strength, the Big 12 is looking much worse than originally thought. The Pac 12 is full of surprises, including how bad USC sucks and how strong Utah, Arizona and Arizona State are looking. How would I rank the conferences so far? I would say the Pac 12, Big Ten and SEC are obviously the strongest three conferences. The ACC is clearly right behind them with the Big 12 behind them. After that…does it even matter?

7. BYU fans have a lot to be happy about after last night, but should be extremely cautious. QB Taysom Hill can flat out run. But unfortunately, he can’t pass worth a darn. He was 4/16 at halftime. And he wasn’t any better against Virginia. That’s going to be a problem going forward. Especially when the next opponent is rival Utah, who has already seen a mobile QB (Utah State) and beaten them. And BYU always falls apart against Utah, especially when ranked, and the Utes could be ranked if they beat Oregon State next week.

8. The rankings once again don’t reflect any kind of reality. How is Florida ranked? How is an ugly 24-6 victory over Toledo and an ugly loss to Miami worthy of the top 25? Why is Texas A&M in the top 10? They needed all 60 minutes against Sam Houston State, who put up 28 a week after Rice put up 32. Give me a break.

9. Heisman. I know, it’s early. But some players have separated themselves early and will be in the spotlight throughout September and October as a result. Those players are Tajh Boyd of Clemson, Maruc Mariota of Oregon, Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville and Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M. Johnny Football won’t win the Heisman again no matter what he does because of his attitude and off field issues, so you might as well count him out right now. Heisman voters care about that stuff and his campaign was over before it began. Punk kid. But here are a few names you don’t hear the talking heads at ESPN gush over just yet that might be getting some attention for the Heisman if they keep up their current pace: Duke Johnson of Miami, Nate Scheelhase of Illinois, Kyle Van Noy of BYU and anyone who plays offense at Baylor.

10. My final season predictions remain mostly unchanged at this point. I only see one undefeated this year and that is Louisville. Yet if we apply the Boise State rule, they won’t play for the final BCS championship. I see that game still being between two one-less teams in Alabama and Oregon.