Thoughts and Rankings After This Weekend

So another weekend has come and gone and the landscape of college football is getting a bit clearer. Let’s recap what happened and what we’ve learned.

1. Ohio State has the best chance of making the BCS championship game. Not because they are better than anyone else, but because their schedule is so weak. Only Michigan remains, and they have been pretty inconsistent. And did anyone else think the ESPN coverage of the post game media deal was outrageous? Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde hit a woman and was suspended as a result. This was his first game back. In his post game interview he cried and talked about how intensely hard the past few weeks had been not playing. Hard for you? You hit a girl man! What about her? How hard has it been on her to not press charges because you play for Ohio State? Then ESPN had to repeat it on SportsCenter. Wow.

2. Did Baylor really put up 56 points in the first half against West Virginia? The same team that beat Oklahoma State last week? Baylor’s offense is unreal. Defense is too. They gave up 45. But then again, the second and third stringers were probably in by the third quarter, so all you need to know is they obliterated the Mountaineers. Next week they play their first road game of the season, so we’ll see what they are really made of. And side note, what kind of crazy scheduling has you get a bye two our of the first 5 weeks and not play a road game until October 12? Back end of that schedule will kill the Bears.

3. Stanford is for real. I know I said they were overrated, but they beat a very good Washington team last night. It wasn’t in convincing fashion, but a win is a win. Can’t wait for them to play Oregon.

4. Is the ACC for real? Pitt and Maryland have only one loss each, and to the same team (Florida State). Virginia Tech has one loss to Alabama. Clemson, Florida State and Miami are undefeated. We’ll have to wait for the season to continue but a lot of people may have slept on the ACC this year.

5. What’s Georgia’s deal? They struggle with North Texas. They struggle with Tennessee. They beat South Carolina and LSU. They lose by just 3 to Clemson. You thought their upcoming schedule looked hard because a ranked Florida team is on it? I would be more worried about the gimmes.

6. Here’s how I see the remainder of the season playing out now that we’ve had a lot to see.

Pac-12: Oregon beats UCLA in the championship and plays for the national title
Big Ten: Ohio State beats Nebraska in the championship and plays for the national title
SEC: Alabama beats Florida in the championship and doesn’t play for the title because of the LSU loss. Goes to Sugar Bowl instead.
ACC: Clemson tops Miami in the championship and goes to the Orange bowl.
Big 12: Oklahoma wins the conference on a tie-breaker and goes to the Fiesta bowl.

Rose Bowl: Stanford vs Florida State
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs LSU
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Louisville
Orange Bowl: Clemson vs Baylor
Championship: Oregon vs Ohio State

7. Rankings right now from the AP are pretty much spot on. I would still have Oregon at #1 and South Carolina much lower, behind Washington for sure. I might have put Auburn in the top 25 instead of Virginia Tech, but other than a few things, the rankings are about where they should be. Next week we get the BCS rankings, and that’s when the chaos begins.