Thoughts Following Week 9

Another great weekend of college football. Two top ten upsets is always fun. So let’s see where things stand at the moment.

I think Alabama has asserted itself as the No. 1 team at this point. They started sluggish this season, but they have everything together now. With the SEC east being a mess, they should cruise through the remaining schedule and SEC title game for a shot at a three peat.

Many people don’t realize this, but Missouri losing helped Oregon more than beating UCLA. Missouri was #3 in the computer rankings. Florida State was #1. Alabama was #2 and Oregon was #4. At this point I would guess Alabama will be the new #1 in the computers, Florida State will drop to #2 and Oregon will replace Missouri at #3. That would put the Ducks in No. 2 overall in the BCS, right where they belong. At this point I don’t see how anyone can beat Oregon. I sure hope they play Alabama for the championship.

But here’s the thing. I don’t see how anyone left on the schedules of Ohio State or Florida State can beat them either. I think we are headed directly towards four undefeated teams at the top. Northern Illinois, Fresno State and Baylor all look vulnerable. Miami will go down to Florida State. But those four at the top, man do I wish the playoff was this year. That would have been great.

So here is my latest projections for the BCS bowls this year:

Championship: #1 Alabama vs #2 Oregon
Rose Bowl: Stanford vs Ohio State
Orange Bowl: Florida State vs Michigan
Sugar Bowl: Texas A&M vs Clemson
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs UCF

That’s the best I can figure at this point. There will be two SEC teams for sure, definitely two Pac-12 teams as well. I expect two ACC teams to figure in and probably two Big Ten teams if one of the non-BCS schools doesn’t get in. Michigan may be replaced by Northern Illinois. Rematch! We’ll see.

Here’s how I would fill out my ballot today if I was an AP voter:

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida State
4. Ohio State
5. Stanford
6. Baylor
7. Miami
8. Oklahoma
9. Auburn
10. Missouri
11. Clemson
12. Texas Tech
13. LSU
14. Texas A&M
15. Fresno State
16. Northern Illinois
17. Oklahoma State
18. South Carolina
19. UCLA
20. Michigan
21. UCF
22. Louisville
23. Arizona State
24. Wisconsin
25. Michigan State

Looks like a good slate of games next week, should be exciting as the Big-12 and the Big Ten Legends Division finally get a little bit of clarity. Upsets to be on the lookout for? Missouri better be careful with Tennessee coming to town. That has upset written all over it. I’m not sure who the favorite is between Michigan and Michigan State, but that’s a game that can easily be won by either side, so the favorite is definitely on upset alert. Auburn at Arkansas might be tricky as well with a lot of people ignoring Arkansas at this point. Arizona State going to Washington State has big upset potential as well with how the Sun Devils have played on the road.

Here’s hoping the madness and chaos that is college football continues it’s entertaining course!