Thoughts From Week 4

Pretty boring weekend in college football, I must say. So bad that GameDay went to Fargo, North Dakota. Wow. Still, we learned a few things and I have a few thoughts after this weekend.

1. I now know beyond a doubt that Alabama is not the No. 1 team in the nation. They didn’t score a touchdown on offense until the fourth quarter…at home…against Colorado State. Yikes. But it gets worse. They didn’t even convert a third down until the fourth quarter…at home…against Colorado State. Let all of that sink in. This team just isn’t that good. And seeing as Texas A&M just put up 42 at home against SMU (same as they did against Alabama), suddenly the Crimson Tide don’t look like top 10 material. I mean seriously, what have they done? Three unimpressive wins. How does that get you to #1? Beats me.

2. Oregon is definitely No. 1. They had the week off, but they went on the road to Virginia and had Tennessee at home and destroyed them both. They look like the team to beat right now, not Alabama.

3. Maybe I was wrong about Stanford. They handled Arizona State with ease. Ease I tell you. But they have not yet been challenged. They have played once on the road at Army and struggled. They go on the road to Washington State this week so we’ll learn a lot more about their legitimacy then.

4. Florida got a blessing in disguise. Their worst player on the field, Jeff Driskell, the QB, broke his leg in the 1st quarter. He’s out for the season. But guess what happened? Out he came, down 7-0 at home, and they won and scored 31 points. Losing their QB was the best thing to happen to them. They might have a decent offense to go along with their solid defense. Without Driskell they might actually be top 25 material. Now having a coach who didn’t recognize that? Not a good sign.

5. Either USC has a defense much better than advertised or the Utah State QB is much worse than advertised. First time I got to see him play and it was awful. Not sure which is true there, but nothing about that QB impressed me at all. Nothing about the USC offense impressed me either though, and Lane Kiffin still needs to be fired as soon as possible.

6. Texas pulled it out and saved Mack Brown from being fired until the end of the season when it is definitely happening. Mark my words.

7. The only game I saw in its entirety was The Holy War. I went to BYU so I like to catch their game with Utah each year. Coincidentally, I picked Utah in that one. Glad I did. I recognize a pathetic QB when I see one, and Taysom Hill of BYU is as pathetic as they get. 18-48 with no touchdowns and one interception. Says it all. Kid is 33% on the year. You can’t win games behind a QB like that. Sure he can run. But guess what? Running backs are supposed to run. Quarterbacks are supposed to throw. Dude’s at the wrong position. BYU’s season is going to get worse before it gets better if they keep him in as the starter. Utah on the other hand has a pretty good QB back there. Their defense looked good too. They gave Oregon State a run for their money, so while they won’t compete for the Pac-12 championship, they are a very able spoiler (watch out Stanford and UCLA). So don’t be surprised if they pull off a few upsets in the Pac-12. I think they will be happy to finish .500 in league play, but they looked decent.

8. The rankings, as usual, are horrible. Wisconsin is ahead of Arizona State just a week after losing to them. I know the circumstances and all, but still, results are results. I’m shocked Georgia didn’t tumble after that horrifying display against North Texas. I have no idea how Alabama is still No. 1. But so it goes.

I think this weekend, with more conference play beginning, we’ll learn a lot more about college football. In the meantime, let’s hope weekends with three teams scoring in the 70’s never happens again.