Thoughts On Week 13

Will everyone now agree with me that Baylor was never for real? I picked against them every week, I knew this day would come. They just can’t play on the road, and unfortunately, that was only their third road game. Someone at scheduling needs to be fired. Now. They were woefully unprepared. But enough about the has beens. What about the rest of college football?

No one would have predicted that the Iron Bowl this year would decide the SEC West when the season began. No one. Gus Malzahn is coach of the year. But then again, no one would have predicted Missouri would be in control of the SEC East with one game to go at the beginning of the season either. Gary Pinkel is coach of the year. Well, one of those guys is winning it, no question. Good for them.

What happened to Oregon? Mariota threw his first interception of the year. Then followed it with another. Arizona just embarrassed them. Badly. Kind of like Oregon did to them last year. I would say Oregon has no shot at the BCS any more after that. They may fall too far out of the rankings. Guess we’ll see.

Who is the best one loss team now? You have Auburn, Clemson, Missouri, Oklahoma State and Michigan State. I don’t count UCF or Louisville, neither of whom would be one loss teams in another conference. Of those guys, Clemson has the best loss and Oklahoma State has the worst loss. Oklahoma State has the best win and Clemson has no real wins to speak of. The others are at about the same level when it comes to their schedule. That’s a tough call. But there is a very real possibility Alabama loses to Auburn, and if not, that they lose to Missouri or South Carolina. There is a much less real possibility Florida State loses to Florida or Duke. There is a strong possibility Ohio State loses to Michigan State. What then? Hard to say how those teams would be ordered if they all had one loss.

I got to watch a lot of football yesterday. Caught some BYU-Notre Dame, LSU-Texas A&M, Oregon-Arizona, UCLA-Arizona State and Baylor-Oklahoma State. Good games. Very telling. I can say one thing. Arizona State is making a great case for Wisconsin to get an at-large BCS bid. And Arizona is making a great case for being able to make the Sun Devils scared about next weekend. Texas A&M looked awful as usual. I have no idea how voters don’t recognize that. Johnny Manziel threw two more interceptions and completed less than half of his passes. People think that punk deserves another Heisman? He’s not even good! There are a dozen FBS quarterbacks I would take before him. I’m glad LSU exposed the Aggies for the average team they are.

If I were filling out a Heisman ballot, my three names would be:

1. Jameis Winston
2. Ka’Deem Carey
3. Marcus Mariota

If I were an AP voter, this would be my ballot for this week:

1. Alabama
2. Florida State
3. Ohio State
4. Auburn
5. Clemson
6. Missouri
7. Oklahoma State
8. Michigan State
9. Stanford
10. Baylor
11. South Carolina
12. Arizona State
13. Wisconsin
14. Oregon
15. Fresno State
16. Northern Illinois
17. UCF
18. LSU
19. UCLA
20. Louisville
21. USC
22. Oklahoma
23. Duke
24. Notre Dame
25. Cincinnati

I know, no Texas A&M? Of course not. Ole Miss is their only win. You have to beat the good teams on your schedule to be ranked. Sorry Aggies. Should be an exciting weekend next week with so much on the line for so many teams. Hope it is as good as this weekend was.