Weeks 1 & 2: A retrospective

Aaaaaahhhh. Good to be back. Perhaps you’re wondering: “Bones, where did your trademark psychotic rambling go? I need it to put people to sleep so I can steal their things.”

To that I respond: Fear not, dear reader! I have returned to rambling. There was a slight delay caused by the return of this “school” place where I work, so we’ll just breeze over the first week’s games and couple some observations from week 2 in there as well. Follow me? Good!

*The ugliest story in college football this year, and possibly ever, is the Penn State case. The only thing that remains to be said about that is that I feel sorry for these players. Staff and others associated with the team have to live with themselves and what they knew and didn’t tell, but the players who stayed in Happy Valley didn’t have a part in Sandusky’s crimes. They (and pretty much no one else up there) deserve better than an 0-2 start.

*Savannah State’s schedule maker is a sadist. That is all, move along.

*Memo to Missouri players: Criticize your opponents after you play them. No “old man football” labels if you can’t beat Georgia.

*So…Arkansas? A Sun Belt team? Hey, better schedule someone from the Southern Conference next year, since 1-A opponents appear to be a bit much to handle.

*South Carolina edges Vandy (with a questionable call) then beats ECU like a drum…gonna be an interesting year in Columbia.

*Southern Cal crushed Hawaii then looked unimpressive against Syracuse. ESPN has treated the coming USC/Stanford game as the big test on USC’s schedule. Technically it is, since they don’t play another non-sucky team until late October. Still isn’t much of a test, since Stanford is a shell of itself. Exhibit A: a 3 point defeat of San Jose State. No, the Duke game doesn’t count.

*Oregon still scores lots of points, but their schedule is more of a joke than USC’s. And that is depressing.

*Florida State is touted as the ACC’s best shot at a title contender. I’ll buy that more once they play a team that is part of the FBS (Division 1-A). Right now all FSU is proving is that they’re better than 1-AA teams. Hooray.

*Oregon State upsets Wisconsin, UCLA knocks off Nebraska, Alabama kills Michigan, Arizona State blows out Illinois, Penn State’s 0-2. Yup. The Big 10 is back!

*Speaking of Alabama: Nick Saban. Still the devil.

*Yay! Virginia Tech beat its 1-AA foe after playing a 1-A team on Monday. A departure from last time!

*Seriously, what sense does it make to play a divisional game in week one? Condolences to Georgia Tech, who basically have a 2 game hole to make up to start the season.

*Arizona upset Oklahoma State after OSU thrashed Savannah State. Further proof of the joys of actually having a defense.

*Is it vindictive of me to hope Mike Leach fails at Washington State? Yeah, probably, but I’m still gonna hope that. Wazzu should actually win their next 2 games, then get put back into their place by Oregon. And it will be lovely.

*Kansas State killed Miami (FL). Somewhere, dozens of South Florida Internet Trolls went into hibernation until next August, when they’ll type again that “Da U” is back. Just like they have for the past 6 years.

*Notre Dame beats Navy and Purdue. Wake me when that matters.

*Sleeper pick for the year: Louisville. Calling it right now (aaaaand they’re gonna lose to Carolina because I said that)

*Whole host of other things, but we’re nearing the 600 word mark in a disorganized post. Let’s all bask in the first glorious weeks of football, especially since we have a pretty good looking week coming up!