What If There Had Been A Playoff In 2012?

The 2012 season is now behind us, but that hasn’t kept me from wondering about what could have been. What if there had been a playoff? And not some crappy 4 team charade of a playoff. I mean a real, 8 team playoff. To give you a better idea of what we could have had, here’s what I’m talking about, timeline, teams and all.

First of all, who would have participated? Here are the 8 teams that would have been invited to participate in the playoff, with their corresponding seed:

1. Notre Dame
2. Alabama
3. Kansas State
4. Stanford
5. Florida State
6. Florida
7. Oregon
8. Georgia

Why you ask? Because everyone has a chance to win their conference. Everyone. So winning it means something if you end up ranked highly. At large berths can be given to those who don’t win their conferences but still rank higher than teams who do. So there you have it, this would have been the 8 team playoff. Here’s how it would have panned out.

On Saturday, December 15, two bowl games were played. Those games would have been moved to Monday or Tuesday or whatever of the following week. On the 15th, the playoff teams would have played each other at the higher seed’s home field.

Georgia at Notre Dame
Oregon at Alabama
Florida at Kansas State
Florida State at Stanford

Let’s say, based on how bowl season turned out, the winners are Notre Dame, Alabama, Kansas State and Florida State. The teams are now reseeded 1-4:

1. Notre Dame
2. Alabama
3. Kansas State
4. Florida State

These teams would meet up in bowl games on New Year’s. They can rotate it like they will the four team playoff. So Notre Dame would have lost to Florida State in the Orange Bowl and Alabama would have beaten Kansas State in the Sugar Bowl or something.

Then on the same day Alabama killed Notre Dame, they would have killed Florida State in hopefully a more compelling matchup. Either way, this is what we could have had. Can you imagine those first round matchups? That would have been some great football. But we can only think of what might have been.