Worst and Weak

Here we go with a look back and a preview of the worst of the week.

Worst game of the week-Memphis (1-7) at Tennessee(2-6). What is wrong with the football playing schools in Tennessee, Vanderbilt is 2-6, this must be a terrible year to watch college football in Tennessee. As for this game, Memphis is Tennessee’s homecoming opponent, which is good for Tennessee because Memphis is a team they should beat. Tennessee should get used to playing on homecoming because next year they are going to be playing a lot of homecoming games next year, as other programs will schedule the Vols. This actually is somewhat of a rivalry game, these schools are more rivals on the hardwood, but this is an important game for the 2 to 5 Division 1 recruits in the state.

Worst coaching Job-Brian Kelly, Brian Kelly has his dream job and all of the headaches that come with it; including clowns like me questioning his decision making. Okay, you are at home, you are in field goal range, and losing to a C-USA opponent by one, with the clock ticking down. Truth is you will probably be roasted in the media if you win by two or if you win by six, but the roasting will be even worse if you lose. You are in field goal range with a young quarterback, should not you remind your young signal caller; that we are in field goal range, if you have nothing just throw it away or if you are a coach who is aware of the situation you just call a simple running play to center the ball, send out your field goal kicker and hope he makes the chip shot and go home. Well, the offensive coordinator calls a pass play, where we all know that three things can happen and two are bad, and in this case it was really bad and could be a loss that keeps Notre Dame out of a bowl game.

Worst loss- Florida St. The ‘Noles were ready to climb back into the consciousness of the college football media. They were the frontrunners in the conference and with a win would vault into the top 20, and would be in line for the ACC’s BCS bowl bid. This is a down year for the ACC but Florida St actually would give the conference some credibility as the ‘Noles only loss was to a good Oklahoma team at Norman, completely forgiveable. FSU is at NC St., a program that has a nasty habit of choking when the pressure is on, and could have just squeezed the Pack and forced them into some poor decision making. However, FSU also has a habit of choking in pressure games hence the name; “wide right U”.

Worst Performance- Spencer Whipple. The son of the “U”’s offensive coordinator one would assume has at least some grasp of the Cane’s offense. Well truth is we don’t know if he does of doesn’t but we do know 2-6 for 22 yards and 2 interceptions will get you benched in favor of a freshman.

Last but not least; hey you have to love the Mountain West Conference and it’s pathetic television contract. The biggest game in your conference’s history isn’t even on your network. MWC fans are wondering why their marquee programs are running for the exits. Well to the MWC brass let me say this to you, last one left turn out the lights please!