(WOW)Worst of Week 9

After taking a week break from the worst of the worst, I have come back to deliver some of the worst of the past week. After all focusing on some of the worst achievements in college football can make one depressed.

Worst game of the week-San Jose St. at New Mexico St. San Jose St has played three programs which reside in the BCS top 10. More than any other program in the country they know what a good team looks like. New Mexico St. is not one of those good teams. The Spartans have been BCS number fodder thus far. SJSU finally lines up against another D-1 program that is a mirror image of itself, instead of the funhouse mirror representation of themselves. The 1-7 Spartans boast one win, versus FCS member Southern Utah. The 1-6 Aggies are not much better as they possess a victory over a D-II school in in-state rival New Mexico (I am aware New Mexico is in the MWC but barely). The WAC should make this game interesting; the loser of this game gets kicked out of the WAC and has to join a conference where it can actually get conference wins ; like the Mountain West. The WAC has dominated the season series with the Mountain West this year, remember when there was talk that the Mountain West was as good as the PAC-10, I guess the MWC should try and beat WAC teams before proclaiming it is on equal footing with the PAC-10.

Worst coaching Job- Les Miles; well the risky living finally caught up with ‘ole Leslie. While everyone is heaping praise upon Auburn for winning this game, Miles had a few coaching blunders that were key to sealing LSU’s fate. Yes, Les has been praised in the last few weeks for being gutsy, and willing to allow his players to make plays; however sometimes gutsy is a just a negative outcome away from being called foolhardy. This week Les’s decision making backfired and he is now on this list. The key decision which sealed LSU’s fate was; opting to go for it on fourth-and-6 from LSU’s 30 after calling timeout with 3:27 left. After the timeout LSU still seemed unsure of what they wanted to do on the pivotal play. Jarrett Lee, the passing portion (key to this) of his team’s quarterback tandem, then tried to scramble (I guess we know why he is the passing portion of the “two headed monster” at quarterback), for the first down but was stopped well short by the Auburn defense, in what appeared to be a designed run.
I am sure Les is perusing every blog getting his Christmas list together. I suppose with me questioning Les, I should not be expecting that LSU hat in the mail. C’est la vie!

Worst Performance- T.J. Yates. I want to give this athlete the benefit of the doubt because he is the quarterback of a team that is dealing with some turmoil. TJ Yates is the winner of this one, this week by posting a performance of 12-21, for 140 yards and two interceptions. This was a kid who single-handedly brought North Carolina back from being blown out versus LSU. Yates may not be the quarterback we saw versus LSU, but he is not the QB we saw versus “the you” (as in you, Miami, are not very good).

Worst loss- It is a toss-up, I want to bang Texas for its performance at home against Iowa St, and bang Notre Dame for losing to Navy by 18. I don’t know which one is worse. Let us examine this; Texas is at home you have superior talent to Iowa St. and a week earlier you beat a very good Nebraska team, (maybe you are beaten up from that game, or you are on an emotional “let down”, but you are Texas, they are Iowa St. you should win that game without much of a problem. Give ISU credit they were ready to play and took advantage of Texas.

Then you have Notre Dame, Brian Kelly must be thinking the reclamation project in South Bend is even bigger than he thought. He had more talent at Cincinnati last year than he has currently at South Bend Community College. Kelly also may start to realize that he may never get the talent at Notre Dame he needs to be successful. Notre Dame is not good and will not be good for a few years despite what the “experts” may think.
Okay the Texas loss is worse.

Speaking of Notre Dame, some of you may know I am not fan of Notre Dame, but I am taking this opportunity to offer condolences and thoughts to the family of Declan Sullivan and to the Notre Dame community and after this week’s tragic events.