A Message To Ticketwood – STOP SPAMMING ME!

I have an announcement to the idiotic SEO folks at Ticketwood- cease and desist all your comment spam on my blog immediately. You are doing SEO all wrong and your blog comments are a mockery to my profession. Your pathetic attempts to gain links through my reputable blog are laughable. Tell your blog commenting crew to leave my blog alone or suffer the consequences. Actually, you know what? You will suffer the consequences.

Since I know what you are trying to do and which keywords you are doing it for, take this:

Oklahoma Football Tickets

Virginia Tech Football Tickets

Yeah that’s right, I just linked to your competitor for the exact keywords you were hoping to get out of me. And I linked to a page that is #3 and #2 in Google right now for those keywords. Do you get it? Stop the comment spam now or I will be forced to continue to link to your competitors and help their organic rankings and continue to mark your comments as spam so you get caught in other spam filters.

Just a quick SEO lesson for the obviously untrained kids at the website which shall not be named. When you leave a blog comment, it helps to use a real name, not a keyword rich anchor text like “Oklahoma Football Tickets” or something. Second, when you leave a blog comment, it helps to leave a real comment that uses at least somewhat correct grammar and doesn’t make you sound like a middle school idiot. I don’t want your stupid gibberish cluttering my blog. Unless you didn’t leave a link, in which case I really don’t care. But when your comment says this, you are obviously not trying:

I’m a football crazy fan, especially college football and exactly Virginia Tech Hokies. I’m ll hope to see their game in Orange Bowl. I haven’t get ma tix yet coz I don’t know if I will have time to attend. But I don’t, I’ll get crazy! euuh, I can’t even imagine!

If you want links from me, earn them. Check out my page of thoughts on a college football playoff. Currently the most recent comment is a good comment, so I allowed the link in there. Go and do likewise. And just for good measure…Fiesta Bowl Tickets. Ha, that was fun.