College Football In London Launches

I was approached by Nick a week ago about posting his press release regarding college football now being played in London. I think it is very cool so here is the press release for all those interested.

College Football in London Launches

One More Chance to Play Competitive Football!

College Football in London launches a brand new study abroad program giving college students a unique opportunity to play competitive football whilst studying in Great Britain. The program is recruiting now through its website ( The first recruits will be taking the field in the Fall Semester of this year.

Football is a big deal in Britain. London plays host to the NFL every year, attracting crowds of 85,000 dedicated and knowledgeable fans. And football is one of the most popular sports played at British Colleges.

College Football in London has launched an Indiegogo campaign (Kickstarter for sport) to raise money and awareness ( There are imaginative prizes for supporters, including naming your own trophy for College Football
in London players of the year; or a vacation in London with tickets to watch the San Francisco 49ers at Wembley Stadium.

This program aims to broaden the appeal of studying abroad to College guys, by offering the familiarity of home with the excitement of foreign travel. Young men are significantly under-
represented on study abroad programs. College Football in London wants to redress that balance and make studying abroad a more viable option for young men, particularly those who have never previously travelled overseas. Football might just be the incentive they need.

The program is the brainchild of Nick Wasmuth, the former General Manager of the Great Britain (American) Football program, a.k.a. the ‘Team GB’ that plays football rather than soccer.

He said “Why should competitive football finish at graduation for those who aren’t 260lbs and run a 4.4 forty? Every guy who played in High School wants to strap on a helmet and relive those moments. College Football in London offers students one more chance to do precisely that, combined with the travel and adventure of an established study abroad program.”

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