Fantasy College Football Done Right

Hey folks, you may have noticed a new ad in the sidebar for fantasy college football. Well, I wanted to get the word out to everyone because I think this fantasy football site rocks. First off, I’ve never done fantasy football because I hate drafting players. It takes forever, you have to follow tons of people, the points are confusing…its just too much. At Big Nasty Football they have you draft teams and not players. So you get points based on if your team wins, if they beat ranked opponents, if they win a BCS game or conference championship, etc. You get bonus points if they score a lot or allow a little. It’s really awesome. Normally it is $15 to sign up a league and then $15 per person to join. But if you signup before 9/15/10 (which I would do because the season will have started by then), use coupon code Cafeteria and get $5 off!

I’d also like to announce that the College Football Cafeteria league has been formed, and we’re still looking for two people to fill our league! I’m opening this up to our readers, so if someone wants to join our league, email me at There’s only two spots and they are both going to be free, so don’t worry about any cost to you. Just email me if you’re interested and see if you can top us. Do well enough and we may make you an author on the blog or include your picks on the predictions page! So make a league with your friends or join ours, either way its a ton of fun. Go to to sign up!