TCU Head Coach: I Know Something You Don’t Know

TCU head coach Gary Patterson has left a cryptic remark for us all:

“All I can tell you is this: Just wait and see in the next two weeks before you make any judgments and see what happens in the national landscape,” Patterson said. “Things that I know that maybe you don’t know. That’s all I’m going to tell you.”

Wah?!?! Let’s see here, there’s only two things Gary Patterson could know that we could not- the fate of the MWC or the fate of TCU. So which do we not know?

One thing is certain about the MWC, they seem to be good and the WAC seems to be in trouble. Only BYU can be the screw factor here. They could still bolt for the WAC and convince Boise State, SDSU and UNLV to go with them, and they would. This leaves the MWC in a heap of trouble. But BYU would have to have a real vendetta against the MWC for that to happen, so I don’t see it. As of right now, BYU is a member of the MWC.

So could Patterson be speaking of TCU’s future and its effect on the national landscape? There’s only one thing that could mean- TCU is in talks with the Big XII. Face it, you know they don’t want to end up a mere 10 team conference. They want, even need, 12 teams to be relevant. TCU would be a great pick up. Houston would be a great pickup, or maybe even Air Force. My guess is this: TCU has a contingency plan that only Gary Patterson, myself, and all of you reading this know about. If the MWC goes to pot, they have an exit strategy.

Can’t say as that I blame them much. From the looks of it the MWC was poised to go down and out. And Craig Thompson has the audacity to insult our intelligence and say the invites to Fresno State and Nevada coinciding with BYU’s statements is nothing more than a coincidence. Yeah, right, didn’t you just say you weren’t going to expand further a few weeks ago? What happened to that?

Now he is saying they don’t need 12 teams. Is this guy a complete nut job? Can he ever say the right thing? This guy needs to be fired and fast. Someone with vision needs to get in there, get 12 teams, get a conference championship and get a real TV contract. Thompson has proved completely inadequate and even incompetent. Just trying to keep the league together doesn’t count as thriving in my book. Send this clown packing and get to 12 teams already. If they could pick up Montana as soon as they are able to make the jump that would be their best move for sure.

TCU isn’t about to let Houston, UTEP or any other Texas school into the MWC, you can count on that. So all the other WAC teams suck and Hawaii is going to be independent for sure. What’s that leave you? Woo back Utah or grab Montana as fast as the FBS will let them in. That’s the only choice they have.