The Satisfying Taste of Being Right

Does everyone remember the comment I received about a month ago when I said the Orange Bowl would be a boring no-show? Here it is to refresh your memory:

“i hope you’re joking. Iowa fans travel better than any other in the nation and that game will sell out with more people wanting tickets. ESPN bashed the Fiesta Bowl organizers for not taking Iowa and their strong following…the funny thing is sloppy joe that there is nothing else to do here in iowa and that’s why we all go to bowl games. penn state will get destroyed by lsu. look at what clark did against iowa and ohio state this year. absolutely nothing. no point in arguing now. i’ll be back in january to tell you i told you so” -matt

Oh, where to begin…I know, how about the fact that the Orange Bowl came up 11,000 TICKETS SHORT of selling out? How about the TV ratings that got ONE THIRD of the viewership of Boise State vs TCU? More people watched The Biggest Loser than this pathetic BCS bowl. So even if my bowl picks were horrific this year and my predictions were way off, its good to know I was right on about one thing.