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Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 5

Finally, the exhibition games are over with and we are in the meat of conference play. It’s about time things started to get interesting. This coming week has about 7 games featuring ranked teams in the same conference. Love it.

Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 4

Finally, this season is starting to get real! Still lots of lopsided patsy beatdown fests, but plenty of teams are starting to show up to play the top teams in the nation. And it is sure fun to watch.

Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 3

Wow, for a weekend billed as “slow” to the point that Gameday showed up in North Dakota, this weekend sure proved to be interesting. I know every week there are always 3 upsets. If there are less, a following week makes up for it. This one made up for the first two.

Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 2

Wow, where to begin. Crazy weekend for week 2 which is normally a punch of creampuff matchups. But some teams and conferences opened up our eyes big time this weekend.

Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds…On Monday

Ok, ok, I’m late, so sue me. This was a weird weekend, what with Sunday and Monday games. But I’m getting to my sloppy seconds now, so fear not.

Predictions For Final 2014 Standings

Ok, so you may have already checked out my 2014 bowl predictions but now I’ve decided to just go ahead and predict the entire outcome of the entire season. No biggie.