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First Playoff Rankings And The SEC Bias

Maybe you live under a rock. I don’t know, I’ve heard of weirder things. Then again if you did, you probably wouldn’t have access to a computer and the Internet to read this. So I’m assuming by virtue of your being on this website that you aren’t living under a rock and know about the […]

Comparing Conferences From The Bottom

Everyone likes to talk about the SEC being the best conference in college football. They probably are. But we always argue over who has more elite teams, whose champion is better than who, etc. We ignore the guys at the bottom. No more.

Just What Is Schedule Strength?

The playoff committee will soon release their first rankings of the season. It’s been mentioned that they will focus on schedule strength among other things when considering teams. A lot has been made of the SEC teams and their strong schedules. But are they really that strong? What makes a strong schedule?

Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 9

The time has finally come…the first playoff rankings are coming this week. This should be interesting. At least they waited a good while to figure them out. Let’s see what to expect.

Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds – Week 8

Other than some turmoil in the Big 12, not much to report this week. But at least we are one week closer to the only rankings that matter.

Midseason Playoff Preview

We’re halfway through the season and well over half the teams in college football have been eliminated from playoff contention. Let’s look at who remains and what their chances are.