Alabama as the Preseason Number One?

Many pundits are already praising Alabama as the preseason number one favorite. While I admit this is likely going to happen, should it? They did win the BCS championship, although controversially, and they do return a bunch of those same players. I’m sure their recent success has seen an increase in Alabama merchandise sales, but should it see an increase in their preseason ranking? I think not.

Look, Alabama lost their starting quarterback and big Mount Cody. They return a good running game and a decent secondary and that is it. No experience at quarterback, the defensive line will be…well who knows. On the other hand, Boise State, who beat the team many considered best in the land last year, also finished undefeated and returns 21 of 22 starters, including the best passer in the game last year. Is there a reason they aren’t considered the all out favorite? Oh yeah, there is, they play in the WAC.

The BCS perpetuates its unfair system by discriminating from the very beginning. I GUARANTEE you that Boise State will start in the preseason top 3. I also GUARANTEE you that during the course of the season they will drop from that spot and not by losing. They will win every game. And they will still lose spots in the rankings. This regular season “playoff” has eliminated them before it has begun!

Alabama will start at number one. They will lose a game but still win the SEC and play for another national title. After all, the only real form of a playoff is the SEC championship game. It seems all you have to do is win that and you play for the national championship.