Another Reason to Loathe the BCS

I know, as if we didn’t have enough of them…don’t worry, there’s more. I just found out today some little bit of news that is going to turn the BCS on its head. Does everyone remember a little matchup between USC and Ohio State this past Saturday on ESPN? Well don’t look now, but ESPN had their highest ratings EVER for a college football game during that one. That includes bowl games. What does this mean? Simple, another reason to hate the BCS, and here’s why.

The BCS has created a system in which teams are encouraged to pad their schedules with easy home games. Florida- case in point. Troy? Charleston Southern? I bet Charleston Southern couldn’t even give New Mexico State a game. So why does Florida play these cupcakes? To increase their chances of an undefeated season. They know they will always have tough games against Georgia and Tennessee and Ole Miss. They don’t want more hard games than they needs, so they don’t play teams like Nebraska, Penn State or West Virginia. Why bother playing them? Going undefeated gets you a shot at the title, so the logic is to make your schedule as easy as possible.

So what has the BCS done? Killed almost all competitive non-conference games in college football. What do we have, 4 or 5 games against ranked teams from different conferences each season? Pathetic! But guess what? ESPN controls the broadcasting and now will control the BCS bowls. They want money. Ratings equals money to them. They just realized that a compelling, competitive non-conference game brings in higher ratings than any other college football game they have ever shown. So what do they want? They want more competitive non-conference games!

So what are they going to do? Pressure the BCS to change the system so that they can get those games and get them televised. But of course, the BCS changes for no one, not even ESPN. So now we have another reason to hate them. Proof shows good non-conference games are what people want to watch. The BCS prevents us from getting them. Seems there is more and more fuel to the anti-BCS fire everyday.