BCS In No Rush To Make Changes

In spite of the fact that the BCS remains incredibly unpopular, no one seems to be in a rush to change anything, according to ESPN. They had a big meeting yesterday, will meet again in March and one more time in April. You would think that Athletic Directors and Commissioners alike would learn something about all of this. Football is the biggest money maker. People are getting more and more fed up with football. Let’s not worry about making any changes. I’m sure football will be fine. Not too bright, are they? Then again, they created the BCS, so we should have known that already.

As a favor to Bill Hancock for my constant criticism of his intellect, I have taken it upon myself to simply tell Bill and the BCS how to fix their system without creating a playoff. If they won’t do it, they might as well know how to run the current system more efficiently. I mean, this was the lowest rated BCS championship game EVER in January. Obviously not working out too well.

So Bill, let me break it down for you. You have got two major problems with the BCS and the postseason in general. First, many feel it is unfair and that more than 2 teams are fit to play in your championship game. Second, the championship game is an afterthought to the bowl season and interest in the sport is gone after January 1. So if you fix the fairness and the schedule, you have fixed your problem.

Here is how you fix the first problem. You are talking about a Plus One system, essentially a 4 team playoff. That is a good thing. Let’s make it simple for you- simply take the top 4 teams in the final BCS standings. If your ranking system is so incredible, then it should suffice. Now you have 1 play 4 and 2 play 3 in their bowl games. These bowl games will be the bowl games that open bowl season. Great way to kick things off. So the final BCS standings are released after championship weekend, and two weeks later on a Saturday you have 1 play 4 and 2 play 3. The two winners will meet the day after New Years in the championship game after another 2 weeks off.

Oh hey, look, that fixed both problems! Just have every single bowl game play between the opening playoff bowls and the championship bowl. That’s pretty simple. That means all the bowl games will be played roughly from December 20 through January 1. That coincides perfectly with holiday breaks so no finals to worry about. It keeps the sport relevant because you will have bowl games each day during the break as you would have to in order to fit 16 games in fewer days.

Now I know this might sound too complicated Bill, but I know you can handle it. I know you can do it. So take a stand and make college football better. It’s really not that hard.