BCS Projections for 2011

Ok, so we don’t even know the preseason rankings for 2011 yet, but that’s ok, that means its way too early to project the BCS bowls for 2011, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. See the advantage is if I’m wrong I can say “Who cares? I made those projections long before the season started.” And if I’m right I can say “See? I am an oracle of college football wisdom.” Win-win for me.

So I’ll put the trendy pick for the BCS bowls and then I will put my prediction, based on nothing but last year’s performance and perceived potential for this year, so here goes:

BCS Championship Game

Most pundits are predicting Oklahoma to be here against Alabama. It’s pretty safe to pick the SEC champ as that is supposedly the hardest conference in the world…makes you wonder why such an amazing conference always manages to have an undefeated team…hmmmm…

At any rate, if you’re going to pick an SEC team, I’m not sure why it would be Alabama. They lost basically everyone, that’s all. I think the team to emerge from the SEC this year will be Arkansas, but they won’t be undefeated, and they won’t be in the title game. No, I believe Oregon is rolling through a pretty weak Pac-12 and Nebraska is going to surprise a lot of people in the new Big Ten.

Prediction: #1 Oregon vs. #2 Nebraska

Sugar Bowl

The Sugar Bowl hosts the championship game this year, so I’m talking about the non-championship game here. Most people have LSU as an at large pick here going up against at large pick Ohio State. Not sure why anyone thinks Ohio State will do anything this year. Talk about demoralized. Can we make Brutus the Buckeye be Brutus the Convict this season?

I see Arkansas winning the SEC and going to the Sugar Bowl this year. They select last in the selection process this year, so they will get the crumbs, ie: the teams no one wanted. I’m seeing Michigan State land here. The Orange Bowl has to take the Big East champ, otherwise I would say they would be in the Sugar Bowl.

Prediction: #5 Arkansas vs. #6 Michigan State

Orange Bowl

Simple matchup here of ACC champ vs. Big East champ. The ACC is a very big question mark this year. Then again, so is the Big East. You could probably pick any team from either conference and have the same chance of being right as the next guy. Pundits are picking Virginia Tech as usual and West Virginia. How bold. These two teams perennially win their conferences. I think things are going to shake up next year.

From the ACC I don’t see Virginia Tech. I think Florida State is the team to beat in the ACC this time around. Of course they will probably lose early to Oklahoma, but that won’t hurt their ACC chances, so they come out on top. From the Big East, yikes, based on last year it’s hard to say there is a favorite. Uconn will certainly not repeat. It’s basically going to come down to West Virginia and Pitt as usual. West Virginia has a very, very odd coaching predicament this year. Let’s go with Pitt.

Prediction: #10 Florida State vs. #21 Pitt

Rose Bowl

The trendy pick here is Nebraska coming out of the Big Ten to play Oregon. I actually think this will be the title game matchup, so that’s not happening in the Rose Bowl. A lot of folks think Stanford could end up here but I don’t see them finishing top 12 at all.

Boise State is going to have an undefeated season and and up #3 in the polls, so they are a shoe in for the Rose Bowl. Their opponent? That’s a good question. I think Michigan State could end up here if the Rose Bowl wants to still get a Big Ten team. But for some reason I like the allure of an old time rival, OU.

Prediction: #3 Boise State vs. #4 Oklahoma

Fiesta Bowl

This bowl is totally up in the air for most analysts. Normally they get the Big 12 champ, but everyone is picking OU to be that champ and be in the title game. Most people have Boise State ending up here against an at large pick like Stanford. I think the Big 12 champ will end up, but it won’t be OU. As far an at large bid? Probably not coming from the Pac-12.

I think Oklahoma State finally brings down their long time rival at home in Stillwater this year. I do see them losing to Arizona or Tulsa however, so OK State will win the Big 12 but will still have a non-conference loss. They will get into the Fiesta Bowl and take on…Notre Dame. Yup, they’re back. Oh wait, that’s just what all the crazies at ESPN think. Have you seen their schedule???? Michigan, Michigan State, Pitt, USC, Stanford…it’s nuts. No way they get to the BCS this year.

This one is tough. Part of me thinks Stanford could end up here. Another part of me is feeling crazy and thinking UCF might have a breakout year, or some other non-AQ school like Northern Illinois or Tulsa. The common sense side is thinking another SEC team ends up here like LSU….so many options…

Prediction: #9 Oklahoma State vs. #12 Northern Illinois

Because, why not?