BCS Threatens to Bring Back the Old Ways

The buffoons at the BCS really are classic. Harvey Perlman, Chairman of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee, had this to say about alternatives to the current system:

“What I think most people don’t understand is that the alternative to the current system is not a playoff. The alternative to the BCS is going back to our traditional relationship with our bowl partners. ”

Really? You don’t say! Can you also give me a drink to wash down that horse manure you just fed me? Are we really supposed to take this guy seriously? How dumb does he think we are?

You can read another story here. I simply do not understand these people at the BCS. Do they not understand progress? We had a broken bowl system. Then the Bowl Alliance made it a little better. Then the BCS made that a little better. Now the flaws in the BCS system have been exposed again and again and it is time to continue progress- it is time for a playoff.

What Perlman and others don’t understand is that it is not a simple pick between bowl system and playoff. No, you can have both! Our playoff proposal explains it quite clearly! Let’s look at another important issue here.

The FCS is going to expand their playoff to 20 teams. If the NCAA sanctions an even larger playoff for the FCS, why not sanction a playoff for the FBS?

While we’re on the topic, let’s examine the FCS. Last year, every team in the FCS played 10-12 games. Half the teams in their playoff had played 12 games. Their playoff started on November 26. It continued on Dec. 6, Dec. 12-13, and the final was Dec. 19. Well look at that! A four round, 16 team playoff in college football! And did the NCAA have problems with the students’ academics? Did the timing at all interfere with the FBS bowl games?

EVERY argument against a playoff in Div. IA football is disproven by simply looking at the FCS. They can play the same number of games and have everything wrapped up with a true national champion by Dec. 19. Our proposal is very similar. Take the timing exactly only push it back one week for the FBS.

Then you have two rounds of playoffs the first two weeks of December. The bowl games are then played, with eliminated teams eligible for a bowl game. Then the semi-finals are played after New Years, with the final the following week, just as the timing for it is now.

Name ONE problem with this playoff proposal! Go ahead, just try! The FCS does it and it works- not to mention it is sanctioned by the NCAA. The BCS is clearly an archaic system desperately trying to hold on to power and money. If those conference are so much better than everyone else, what do they fear? Shouldn’t they whoop up on those “mid-majors” like nothing? Wouldn’t they all be guaranteed a shot at the title still anyway? Or is it possible that they are scared because of what Utah and Boise State have shown this nation in BCS games from years past?

Progress is coming. The Senate is having more anti-trust hearings on the BCS next week. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that they do away with it and force the NCAA to adopt a playoff system just as the other divisions of college football do. And again, that’s not to say do away with bowl games. It means we can have both. We get both meaningful postseason playoff games and meaningless post season exhibition matches. I just hope I see it in my lifetime…