Boise State President Blasts BCS

In a commentary for the Idaho Statesman, Boise State President Bob Kustra blasted the BCS. Perhaps the most memorable line from his tirade against the BCS was this:

“In 2008, the University of Utah made the most convincing case for BCS reform when the Mountain West Conference school completed a 12-0 regular season, but was not given the opportunity to compete for the national championship. Utah was eliminated by a system- not a team…”

Since its inception, probably no one has had a bigger case against the BCS than Boise State. In 2004 they finished undefeated and ranked No. 9, yet did not get invited to a BCS bowl. Instead, No. 13 Michigan and No. 21 Pittsburgh did. Last year, another undefeated Boise State squad finished No. 9, but again, no BCS bowl invitation. Instead, No. 10 Ohio State (10-2), No. 12 Cincinnati (10-2) and No. 19 Virginia Tech (9-4) all attended BCS bowls.

The system is completely flawed, and more and more people are beginning to see that. I’m glad Kustra spoke out on this subject. The BCS will be meeting in Colorado next week to discuss their format. No doubt the money grubbers will keep pushing down the mid-major programs in favor of keeping the flawed system as it is. My only hope is that congress intervenes and recognizes the gross inequity that the BCS has become.

An interesting note- the NCAA sponsors over 80 national championships in college sports. Yet the largest and most revenue generating sport, football, is still governed by some bureaucracy that claims they have the sport’s best interest in mind. Why can’t the FBS go the way of the other football divisions and get a playoff already?

Well I’m surely preaching to the choir on this one, so enough rambling. Let’s just all keep our fingers crossed that the BCS is dissolved in our lifetimes and we get to see a true, competitive playoff in college football.