College Football Players Want a Playoff

So I was watching Sports Center this morning as I often do when eating breakfast. Normally it’s just boring baseball garbage and highlight after highlight of a home run, a strikeout or a diving catch. Yawn. Well this morning there was actually something about college football! I was so shocked I turned up the volume and paid attention. Looks like ESPN did a survey of over 130 college football players from both BCS and non-BCS teams. They found something interesting- college football players want a playoff!

It was something like 65% of college football players want to see a playoff. However, the interesting follow up was when asked if they prefer a 16 team FCS-style playoff or the current BCS bowl system, 70% wanted to keep the bowl system. This tells me the players recognize the ill-conceived notion of the BCS as it relates to their current post season, yet wouldn’t trade it for a traditional 16-team playoff. Why?

Because they like the bowl games. They like the spectacle they are. They like that so many teams (68) get to participate. So what were they really saying? They were yelling at the top of their lungs for everyone to come see the college football playoff proposal that we have proposed! We create a playoff while still maintaining the bowl system that players and others love. Do I love them? Nope, couldn’t care less. We could lose all the bowls for all I care. I don’t care about tradition anymore, it just doesn’t mean anything to me. However, coaches, players and residents of bowl sites to cherish their bowl games, so they want to maintain them. Fine by me.

We just make my playoff a reality. When will it happen?