Dick Bestwick- First Class Idiot Promoting the BCS

Dick Bestwick, a former college football coach, wrote an article on why he thinks a college football playoff is still a bad idea. Judging by his picture, it appears he is well into his 70’s, which may go a long way in explaining his old fashioned thinking that is ruining college football. We can just point out a few of his idiotic remarks to prove just why no one can put forward a logical anti-playoff argument.

“Apparently they don’t realize we already have a playoff. It starts with the first game of the season and goes 15 weeks before there is a final determination of which two teams will play in the national championship game.”

Oh really? Let’s see, Alabama and Texas are playing for the National Championship. Can we conclude it is because they won the “regular season playoff?” Mind telling me at what point Boise State, TCU and Cincinnati were all eliminated from this playoff? Or when Utah and Boise State were eliminated last year? Or when Auburn and Utah were eliminated in 2004? The whole notion that the regular season is a playoff is hands down the most absurd, asinine idea ever put forth by a human being. I know of no real playoff that allows teams to participate in spite of eliminating them before the tournament even began…unless you ignorantly call the college football regular season a playoff.

Teams outside the BCS conferences are eliminated each year in spite of never losing a game. And then there was 2004 and 2009 when THREE teams from BCS conferences were all undefeated. So the answer is to arbitrarily and subjectively pick two teams to play for the title? Good grief…

“The latest issue of Sports Illustrated has its version of what a 16-team playoff would look like. The only problem is that the teams still would be picked subjectively and arbitrarily. In checking the records of the teams included in the Sports Illustrated playoff, and the teams left out, there are no less than nine teams that would have a valid objection to not being selected.”

And so the plan is to keep the most unfair system imaginable? Hello, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament selects 64 teams, and there is ALWAYS someone who feels left out. Deal with it! There has never been a team to “squeak in” to March Madness that has ever come close to winning the tournament. So this year, what, BYU is mad they get left out and Oregon State goes in? Penn State is angry that LSU goes in over them? However the playoff teams are selected, it is infinitely better than the system we have now.

And anyone who feels snubbed…guess what? Just win your conference next time! BYU- just beat TCU at home next time. Penn State, don’t lose to Iowa and Ohio State next year. At least everyone knows what they have to do to get into the playoff each year. Currently, everyone knows you have to go undefeated to have a chance at the title. And even then you might not get a chance! Which slighted teams have a more legitimate problem?

“The proposition that the Mid-American Conference, Mountain West, Western Athletic Conference, Sun Belt and Conference-USA conferences should have automatic bids to the BCS may be the most absurd recommendation some playoff advocates have put forth.”

No, the most absurd recommendation of all time is suggesting teams in these conferences compete in Div 1A football! It’s obviously not one league in the mind of Bestwick, who feels that although there are 11 conferences in the FBS, 5 of them can’t compete with the other 6. Those conferences can’t play for their league championship ever! No matter what they do! Either drop them to FCS status or give them an automatic bid, plain and simple. It’s called “fair.”

“It also would be appropriate to remember the reason the BCS was formed, which was to try to set up a game between two teams judged best after a full season of competition, and keeping the two best teams in the country from dodging each other because of bowl ties with a given conference.”

2004, 2006, 2008, 2009…how many examples do you need of a completely failed system? Undefeated teams who have done everything they could possibly do have not gotten a chance to play for the title. The BCS doesn’t even fulfill its own purpose! And on what basis are teams “judged” at the end of the year? By the coaches poll? Oh yeah, that’s a super way to determine the best two teams. Let’s ask the coaches who watched, oh I don’t know, maybe 12 teams play the whole year! The best way to determine who the top two teams in the country are is to create a tournament featuring the country’s best teams that year. Not very complicated.

“It also might be noted that the popularity of college football has skyrocketed since the BCS was formed. Many schools have added suites, skyboxes and more general seating to take care of the increased attendance each year. All this, while ticket licensing fees and ticket prices have gone through the roof, making it difficult for working-class fans to attend the games.”

All this does is promote a playoff Dick. Why has the BCS made the sport popular do you think? It’s called competition and consequence. The BCS created competitive post season matchups. People like watching a good competition. It also created consequence- the bowl games, at least one of them, finally meant something. With a competitive and meaningful post season, more people were interested in the sport. What would a playoff do? Create a bunch more competitive, meaningful post season games! Games that would sell out and put a TON more money in the pockets of the schools and not the bowls.

“Thoughts of doing away with the bowl games – or thinking they would be a part of the playoff system – are illustrative of the ignorance of some college football fans. Bowls exist because communities want to show themselves off by offering a great week of fun and frivolity for players, coaches, administrators, parents and fans. That opportunity is made possible by hundreds of volunteers who spend the year preceding the game setting up the activities surrounding the game for players and fans.

A playoff would end that, because no coach would bring a team early for fun and frivolity when it might have another game to play a week later. Add a possible two more games to that, and not only will you have players deprived of the one fun thing they look forward to – a bowl trip – but those players also will be exposed to an increased chance for career-ending injuries in a series of extra-high-intensity games at the end of a season.”

Seriously? Fun and frivolity? Good to know what you really think Dick. Good to know the bowls exist for fun and frivolity. Meanwhile, you have schools who can’t catch a break in recruiting because they can never compete against the “big boys club” in college football. But at least the folks of the town put together some fun activities for the players and coaches. Bless their hearts.

Increased chance of injury? OH MY GOSH…can he possibly be serious? Why not cancel the whole freaking season, someone could get hurt! Their FOOTBALL players, Dick! There is a chance of injury every time they put the pads on! There is a chance of injury in their fun and frivolous bowl game! This is by far the stupidest argument against a playoff. Guess what Dick? There is more to college football than the FBS. Yup, in fact, THREE other divisions of college football exist, and guess what? They have a playoff! All three of them! And miraculously the fragile little players all manage to avoid injury as well as during any other game. What a shock.

“As a longtime advocate for fair treatment of players, and rules that benefit college football, the one thing I know is that the BCS is far better for the players and college football than a playoff ever would be. The worst thing that could happen to college football and the players would be to end the season with a playoff.”

Translation: I know as a 79 year old man who coached decades ago what is best for college football today. Think of the fun and frivolity!