Fans Want a Playoff According to Quinnipiac

The numbers are in. In a survey of 1,849 adults, half of whom said they were very interested or somewhat interested in college football, 63% want to scrap the BCS and make a playoff. Only 45% think it is a good idea for Congress to get involved however. I say, however it needs to get done, it needs to get done, be it by Congress or any other means necessary. Bill Hancock, the newly appointed puppet, er, I mean, executive director, of the BCS was quick to respond.

“It’s easy to support a hypothetical playoff on paper, but no one has come up with a viable way to actually create one without diminishing the value of the regular season and ending the bowl games as we know them,” he said. “Yes, a playoff could be created, but at a tremendous loss to the unique game that we love.”

Wow, the incredible stupidity of those running the BCS is absolutely stunning. No viable way to actually create a playoff? What world has Bill Hancock been living in? What blogosphere has he completely ignored? Really? No viable way? I’ve heard dozens of playoff proposals over the years, literally, dozens, and I haven’t even scratched the surface!

Dan Wetzel writes for Yahoo Sports for crying out loud, how could you not have found his very viable option? And how could you have possibly ignored the College Football Cafeteria’s most excellent playoff proposal Mr. Hancock? It is EASY to create a playoff without diminishing the value of the regular season. It is EASY to create a playoff without ending the bowl games as we know them. There is no tremendous loss to the game we love by implementing a playoff. The only loss comes to the wallets of the big-wigs running this cartel.

The fact that an overwhelming majority of fans hate the BCS and want a playoff, the BCS continues its strangle hold on college football’s postseason. They think we would rather eat up some more Ohio vs Marshall bowl games that thrill the heck out of us all. What does Hancock have to say about the BCS itself? Did it not completely change the regular season of college football and change the bowls we so loved? No one cares about the Cotton Bowl anymore, it used to be a big deal. No one cares about any of the bowls outside of the top 10 matchups and the championship game.

And a playoff would continue to give these to us! More competitive matchups, more drama, more excitement! And if the bowls are so beloved to players and fans, keep them! Just play them in between the quarter finals and semi finals of the playoff! So simple even a caveman could do it!

One day we will have a playoff. One day the BCS will die. One day the morons who support the BCS system (you know who you are) will see what they were missing out on. Now seriously, if a bunch of adult coaches, directors and others can’t figure out the simple way to have a playoff and play bowl games at the same time, why on earth does anyone think they are qualified to run the system that is crowning the college football champion each year?